CONTROLTEK’s Popular FlatGuard™ Tag Receives an Upgrade

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (February 15, 2018) – FlatGuard™, the world’s first EAS tag for small leather goods, has received an upgrade expanding its range of uses.  According to Tom Meehan, CONTROLTEK’s Chief Strategy Officer, the new version of the tag will have a stronger outer shell to accommodate placement on jackets, in addition to its current uses in wallets and other small leather goods.  The tag now also comes with an RFID option.

“The FlatGuard has been really well received by the LP community,” said Meehan.  “One comment I often heard was, ‘why hadn’t anybody came up with a tag like this before?’  The second most common comment was the suggestion to change the tag in a way that would allow its use for a wider range of merchandise.  The uniqueness of the tag is in its super-slim design.  We made it specifically for wallets, but we see an adoption in other merchandise too, such as handbags, suits and now jackets.”

According to Meehan, CONTROLTEK is also adding RFID as an option to this tag, which is another response to the feedback from the industry.

CONTROLTEK Launches New Website Ahead of NRF Big Show

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (January 16, 2018)CONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, launched a new website showcasing EAS and RFID tags, systems and consulting services designed to help loss prevention teams reduce shrink and increase work efficiencies.

“Our company was recently recognized for the amazing success of its First Time Right program in nationwide systems deployment,” said Steve Sell, CONTROLTEK’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “We decided to launch a new website to show what makes working with CONTROLTEK so different, and to make it easier for loss prevention teams of any size to find the right solution for their current needs.”

According to Sell, CONTROLTEK’s focus in 2018 is increasing the reach and accessibility of its award-winning solutions to the LP industry, and the new easy-to-navigate website is one small step in that direction.

CONTROLTEK’s Steve Sell and Tom Meehan Present the Future of Cash Tracking at ICCOS Conference in Miami

Together with Carrie Wilkie from GS1 and Brand Elverston from Elverston LLC, Steve and Tom gave the conference attendees a preview of the changes coming to cash in transit in the near future.  They illustrate the present state of cash in transit with a simple analogy: one can easily track a pizza order on one’s smartphone, but one still can’t track a bag full of cash traveling from a bank branch to a central vault.

Some of the innovation in the cash tracking that our company is working on, together with our industry partners, involve standardizing tracking across all parties involved (retailers, armored couriers, banks and the government), allowing for more efficient and accurate movement of cash.  Additionally, CONTROLTEK is working on incorporation RFID into cash bags for even more streamlined tracking of cash.

ICCOS conference is one of the best known educational event in the Americas focusing on cash cycle and cash security.  It is attended by representatives of central banks, commercial banks, cash management companies and technology partners.

CONTROLTEK Declared Integrator of the Year Award by Nedap

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (October 25, 2017)CONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, has received the Integrator of the Year Award by Nedap, the Netherlands-based manufacturer of increasingly popular iD Top and iSense EAS systems.

“Nedap is pleased to honor CONTROLTEK for leading the way in total system deliveries this year and for the success of its first time right program,” said Pat O’Leary, Nedap’s vice president and general manager.  “Together, our two companies have successfully executed one of the largest rollouts in 2017 industry-wide, and we look forward to continuing to serve the industry together with cutting edge technology solutions and unparalleled execution.”

“Here at CONTROLTEK, we are especially proud of our first time right program, which boasts a success rate of 95%,” said Dave Hardeman, CONTROLTEK’s director of Client Solutions Delivery.  “What the program meant to our clients is less headaches, fewer disruptions and the peace of mind knowing that their systems are working as promised.  We are very pleased with our partnership with Nedap, and believe that the quality of their hardware combined with the quality of our deployment makes us the highest value option when it comes to EAS.”

The two companies have had a successful partnership since 2015, and jointly offer a suite of EAS and RFID options, which include systems, analytics, tags and labels.

CONTROLTEK Exhibits the Latest in Security Packaging at the AFP Conference in San Diego

Team CONTROLTEK participated in this year’s conference of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) by demonstrating different ways thieves attempt to steal cash in transit, and the anti-theft measures our company incorporates into our security products.  On display were the methods including heat, cold and liquids often used by would-be thieves, and how such methods are foiled with tamper-evident packaging.

The two tamper-evident bags that generated the most interest among the conference attendees were the SafeLOK (for its simplicity and ease of use) and TripLOK (for its innovative triple-seal closure).

AFP is a professional society that promotes the standards of excellence in finance.  Its membership consists of corporate finance professionals, banks and technology partners.

CONTROLTEK’s Tom Meehan Presents the Latest Study Into Retail Security Operations Centers at This Year’s LPRC Conference

Tom Meehan, a recognized expert in the field of loss prevention, offered to the conference attendees the data that shows how emergency response can be improved through the setup and proper use of security operations centers.  Some of the topics he touched upon were how collaboration between different departments within an organization improves emergency response, how incident command systems are used to organize a response within a hierarchical structures, and how publicly-available information sources can be used to speed up emergency response.

Team CONTROLTEK also displayed our latest loss prevention technologies at the conference’s show floor, including our latest FlatGuard™ tag for small leather goods and ThePadlock self-alarming tag with an adjustable-length lanyard.

LPRC (Loss Prevention Research Council) is a non-profit organization lead by a team of scientists from the University of Florida who conduct research into retail security and theft-prevention.

CONTROLTEK Participates in This Year’s SCTA Conference, Showcasing the Latest in Cash Security

Our team traveled to Chicago to attend the Secure Cash & Transport Association’s annual conference on strengthening the security and efficiency of cash in transit.

Showcased at out display booth were the latest solutions from CONTROLTEK designed to reduce instances of theft, such as tamper-evident packaging, security seals and void tape.

What impressed the visitors to our booth the most was SafeLOK’s and TripLOK’s special inks which change color depending on how the would-be thief tried to defeat them.

The World’s First EAS Tag for Leather Goods Just Released by CONTROLTEK

HAYWARD, Calif., (August 10, 2017)CONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, announced the release of the first EAS tag made specifically for small leather goods.  The self-alarming tag dubbed the FlatGuard™ is slim enough to fit inside a wallet and other merchandise too small for classic EAS tags, yet still provides strong visual deterrence and a 90 dB anti-tampering alarm.

“Small leather goods are notoriously difficult to protect,” said Tom Meehan, CONTROLTEK’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Information Security Officer.  “They are easily removed off the shelves and hidden in pockets and under clothes.  At CONTROLTEK, we thought it was about time someone tried to solve this problem, so we did it.  Our new FlatGuard is exactly what the name says – a very flat tag that easily fits inside wallets, purses and other similar merchandise.  Since the tag is so slim, it does not detract from the shopping experience.  Inside it has both an EAS ferrite and an anti-tamper alarm.  The FlatGuard is very easy to place on merchandise – much like sliding a credit card in the wallet.  It detaches with a magnetic detacher, and we made that process also very quick and simple in order to make the cashier’s life easy.”

“In keeping with our customer-need-driven innovation process, we showed the prototypes of the FlatGuard to some of our retail partners at NRF Protect and got very positive feedback,” said Steve Sell, CONTROLTEK’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.  “The most common comment was that this is finally something original when it comes to tags, since there is really no other tag on the market with a similar design.  The anti-tamper switch is so simple yet ingenious.  And there are no pins, so no holes are poked in the merchandise.  Best of all, we are able to produce the FlatGuard with high quality materials but still at a price point that makes sense.”

More information about the FlatGuard, along with pictures and a downloadable data sheet, can be obtained at CONTROLTEK’s website.

New EAS Tags, Dual Technology EAS/RFID System, and Cash Security Solutions to be Showcased by CONTROLTEK at NRF Protect

HAYWARD, Calif., (Jun 22, 2017)CONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, will debut a suite of new retail security solutions next week at the NRF Protect conference in Washington, DC.  The new solutions will include new EAS tags, a new system and tamper-evident cash packaging.

“In my six or so weeks with the company I’ve been impressed with the speed that CONTROLTEK is able to bring a new product to market,” said Tom Meehan, CONTROLTEK’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Information Security Officer.  “At NRF we will debut a brand new EAS tag for small leather goods, which is a segment of retail that’s been ignored by solutions providers for too long.  At the same time, we will unveil several reimagined tags that now incorporate dual technology – either AM and RFID or RF and RFID.  Our aim is to help LP teams get ahead of the curve by enabling them to start phasing in RFID in a cost-effective manner so that they are better prepared for the future.”

“On the systems side, we are thrilled to be showcasing a new dual-technology system from our friends and partners at Nedap,” said Steve Sell, CONTROLTEK’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.  “The iSense Lumen is perhaps the most advanced system on the market, boasting an impressive analytics suite with the capability to detect both RF and RFID tags and labels.”  Sell also said that CONTROLTEK has deployed over 1,800 EAS systems so far this year, crediting a great partnership with Nedap for much of the success.  “Adding iSense Lumen to our arsenal of LP solutions is exciting, and we can’t wait to demonstrate its capabilities at our booth at NRF Protect,” he added.

“At CONTROLTEK we take pride in offering solutions that protect, and having people that deliver,” said Rod Diplock, CONTROLTEK’s CEO.  “When it comes to cash protection, our tamper-evident packaging is relied on by major banks and government entities, and over $1 trillion in cash is transported in it every year.  Our product protection solutions, which encompass EAS and RFID tags, labels and systems, are relied on by some of the top retailers in the world.  And bringing all these solutions to the world are our people, who over the past 41 years have made CONTROLTEK one of the most trusted names in banking and retail asset protection.  I am really looking forward to this year’s NRF Protect conference where the LP professionals from around the country will get a chance to meet our people in person and test our solutions firsthand.”

CONTROLTEK will exhibit its solutions at booth 129 at NRF Protect, from June 27 to June 28, at the Gaylord National Harbor in Washington, DC.

Tom Meehan Joins CONTROLTEK as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Information Security Officer

CRANFORD, N.J., (April 6, 2017)CONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, will throw a Mardi Gras-themed party at the Bourbon Street in New Orleans for loss prevention professionals attending the RILA Asset Protection Conference.  The event will be held at the Bourbon Cowboy on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 starting at 7:30 p.m.

“We want to show appreciation to our friends and partners in the retail industry,” said Rhett Asher, director of business development at CONTROLTEK.  “So we are throwing a party at a really fun venue that we booked together with our friends from Nedap, Cap Index, Protos and InstaKey.  There will be drinks, food, great friends, and of course Mardi Gras beads.  The conference itself is all business, but after hours why not make it fun?”

During the regular conference hours, CONTROLTEK will launch a new product: an alarming EAS tag with an adjustable-length lanyard.  “This is a first in our industry – a dual-alarm tag with a lanyard that can be easily changed based on the needs of a particular store or particular product,” said Steve Sell, vice president of global sales and marketing at CONTROLTEK.  “Whether the tag for a particular product needs a lanyard of a few inches or a couple of feet, the store associates will be able to easily change the lanyard themselves, eliminating the need to purchase additional tags.”

The new tag will be displayed at CONTROLTEK’s booth 424 at the RILA conference, along with other retail loss prevention solutions such as overhead RFID readers and tamper-evident cash transport packaging.