CONTROLTEK is growing – new location!

Due to continued expansion and growth, CONTROLTEK has relocated its Midwest operations to a larger facility in Warren, MI. Currently located in Royal Oak, MI, the operation has moved into a more efficient layout that has been designed to increase the output and provide faster turnaround for our customers. CONTROLTEK’s strategic location here in Michigan, coupled with locations in New Jersey and California, enables quick delivery of security packaging to all of North America.


CONTROLTEK is going global!

CONTROLTEK is an American based global company specializing in unique security packaging and security solutions and services for businesses such as banks, armored couriers (CIT), and retailers. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions over the last three years and an aggressive growth strategy, they have increased in size and are committed to setting up offices in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. As a result of this CONTROLTEK is looking to situate their Australasian operations initially in Sydney with a 6,000 square meter ‘Grade A’ facility and is inviting interested parties to provide proposals for the provision of the space on a 7-10 year lease terms with options to extend. Interested parties are welcomed  to also provide a proposal for the design and project management of the fit-out of the new CONTROLTEK facility, in either a design/tender/build or traditional separate architect/project manager approach. CONTROLTEK is open to either of these options for the fit-out. It is anticipated a rollout of offices will continue in Auckland, Kaula Lumpur, and Perth over the following year(s).