#Hashtags: Why You Should Use Them

What is a hashtag (#)? A hashtag is a type of data tag used on social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others. This symbol allow people or computers to more easily find posts with a specific theme or content. For example, if you wanted to search for posts specifically about retail, try a hash tag search: #retail. Next time you are searching for a specific term or event, give it a shot.

A Free App Lets You Encrypt Your Texts and Calls Easily

You do not need to be a technology genius to take advantage of encryption. All you need is a free app called Signal, which is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. It’s ideal for the security-conscious – the app uses state of the art encryption for both messaging and calls. Download and try it out now.

1-800 Shoplifting Assistance, May I Help You?

Sometimes things just fall in your lap. I’d been trying to decide what to write about for this blog, you know, something interesting and topical to really get folks hooked and coming back. Nothing was really striking me as The One, until I got a phone call….

Let me set the scene: I was enjoying a semi-quiet spring morning working in my home office. No kids around now as they’re in school but the two very loud English Bulldogs were adding some background noise with their snoring. Suddenly my phone rings, and yes, I answer it! I know, it’s such a crazy concept, especially since I didn’t recognize the caller from Portland, OR.

After a couple of attempts to answer (the caller hung up on me twice) I started to speak with the gentleman. He stated that he had found our company via a Google search and saw that our company sells exploding dye packs. We do sell these along with a lot of other products. So, I immediately started thinking about what this guy may need, he must be calling from a bank or some financial institution. Then he said something curious, “do you sell exploding dye packs for clothes?”. Hmmm, strange question.

Me: Sir, are you part of a bank or do you work for a retailer?

Guy: Uhhhh, I was curious if you know of tags on clothes that have exploding ink. I saw a dude with ink on his hands and face and I’ve never seen that before, you know with clothing.

Me: Well, sir, there are all kinds of different technologies out there, what exactly are you looking for?

Guy: I shoplifted one time in the fitting room and saw the ink tag bust and it didn’t explode, so I’m wondering if you sell the exploding kind. Could you sell me one?

Me: One tag?

Guy: Yeah, so I can see it and see how it works.

Me: Sir, are you a retailer?

Guy: No, I just wanted to buy a couple of these tags.

Me: Sir, I only sell to retailers and it would be a much larger number than 1 tag

Guy: So, if I find someone with a business license and call you back will you sell to me?
(people laughing in the background)

Me: Good luck with that, sir. Have a good day.

Guy: OK, I’ll call you back

True Story. I wanted to share this with the LP community as it’s a demonstration of the absolute lengths people will go to, but I also thought it might make you smile. I’d love to hear your crazy stories, if you have a good one, email me at stefanie.hoover@controltekusa.com. Who knows, you might give me ideas for my next blog.

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Reboot Your Router! Do It Today!

Recently the FBI warned everyone to restart their routers. Hundreds of thousands of routers that connect homes and businesses to the internet could be infected by malware placed by hackers, according to the agency. Unplug your router for 30 seconds, then reconnect it. This small action may stop hackers from accessing your data.

Three New Fitting Room Solutions to Be Launched at NRF Protect by CONTROLTEK

San Francisco, Calif., (June 7, 2018) – CONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, will launch three new asset protection solutions designed for fitting rooms at the next week’s NRF Protect conference in Dallas.

“Fitting rooms continue to be a challenge for asset protection teams,” said Tom Meehan, CONTROLTEK’s Chief Strategy Officer. “That’s why we are launching three new solutions designed to deter and decrease shrink in them.  Our new Apparelguard solution is a magnet detector which alerts the staff to the presence of an illegal magnetic detacher.  The Count-It solution is the counter which enables the store associates to know how many people went through the fitting room, and Detect-It is a deterrence solution designed to discourage shoplifters from attempting to remove EAS and RFID tags in the fitting room.”

“These three new solutions are the result of our efforts to give the asset protection professionals a complete set of tools for a holistic approach to fighting shrink,” said Steve Sell, CONTROLTEK’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.  “Together with our partners from Nedap we’ve already been offering the most complete RF EAS set of solutions in the U.S.; our selection of EAS and RFID tags is probably the widest available in the country; two months ago we launched a whole new AM EAS system; and how we are rounding off our anti-shrink technology suite with Apparelguard, Count-It and Detect-It devices.  Our mission is to be not just a one-stop shop for asset protection technology, but a trusted partner who retailers can rely on for forward-looking vision and proactive approach to reducing shrink and simplifying loss prevention.”

CONTROLTEK’s new fitting room solutions, along with the company’s complete suite of loss prevention products and services, will be exhibited at booth 615 at the NRF Protect in Dallas from June 11 through 13, 2018.

What Are Podcasts and Why Should You Care?

64% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting,” and about 44% have listened to a podcast at least once. Podcasts are a type of radio show made available on the Internet for listening or downloading to a computer or mobile device. They are typically available as a series which can be received by subscribers automatically. Podcasts are available on just about any topic, and some even include video. They are a great way to keep up with a topic while traveling.