There’s a New and Easy Way to Share iPhone Photos and Videos

Texting and emailing photos and videos from your iPhone can be a pain. In the newest version of iPhone operating system, IOS 12, there is a feature call iCloud link, which allows you to send photos and videos from your iPhone in a iCloud link. This is very useful for sending groups of photos or video files.

How does it work? Simply select a photo or video (or a group of photos or videos), then tap the Share button. You will then notice a new button in the bottom titled Copy iCloud Link. Click on that and a link will be placed in a text message or email. (Note: make sure iCloud Photos is enabled in the settings.)

Want to Find Similar Web Pages To The One You Are On? Try Google Similar Pages On Chrome.

The Google Similar Pages browser extension for Chrome enables you to preview pages that are similar to the one you are browsing. Simply search the Chrome Store for Google Similar Pages browser extension and install it. Once complete you can click the Similar Pages button every time you want to find something similar to what you are reading. This simple tool can be a great time saver.

Want to see Snaps from Snapchat in your area? Try Snap Map.

With Snap Map, you can view Snaps Stories submitted from all across the world. This includes events, celebrations, breaking news and more. It can be especially useful to see Snaps Stories people sent with their location setting on. This can be a great tool during a major event like an active shooter, protest or weather related event. Just go to and start searching.

Can Your Company Survive the Apocalypse?

Business Continuity Planning is a Necessity for Companies of All Sizes

No, we’re not privy to top secret information being held by the government or some other authority. And as far as we know, the only “apocalypse now” is a classic 1979 movie featuring Martin Sheen.

But running a business can be unpredictable. Whether it’s daily operations and logistics, or more drastic crises such as natural disasters and other emergencies that disrupt normal operations, things happen. And we’re sure you’re thinking, amidst everything that needs to get done to make your business operate smoothly, “I have plenty of free time to craft a business continuity plan!” Or not.

Despite all the other critical things requiring a business owner or leader’s attention, business continuity planning (BCP) is your way of preparing in advance for unexpected incidents so that you are able to respond swiftly (if they occur). It’s your roadmap for emergencies so you can keep your business moving at optimum speed, even when something unexpected happens.

For example, this summer many parts of California have been actively fighting some of the largest blazes in the state’s history. Fires spreading quickly in Mendocino County in the Northern part of the state prompted this now infamous line quoted in the Los Angeles Times: “We broke the record. That’s one of those records you don’t want to see,” said Scott McLean, a deputy chief with Cal Fire.

Let’s not get doomsday (or apocalyptic?) about this though – natural disasters such as fire are a real threat at times, but you can plan ahead to minimize damage if something disastrous were to cross paths with your business. Statistics say that on average, data centers go down for more than 10 days after a disaster. Can your business survive that? More importantly, do you know how you would react to something like that if it happened to your business?

BCP and disaster recovery (DR) are about as appealing as getting a root canal at the dentist, but you’ve worked hard to build your business and establish your reputation. So, just as you want to keep your teeth for as long as possible, you want your business to be viable as long as it possibly can. The BCP and DR are the investment you make for the long term health and planning of your organization.

Here are a few ideas to get you motivated and started on your planning:

  1. Analyze your business and discover your needs: If your headquarters were knocked offline tomorrow, how would you ensure data recovery?
  2. Include disaster recovery: You can’t stop Bob from eating the last donut, but you can prepare for how to protect your IT infrastructure in the case of flood, earthquake or fire.
  3. Use role-playing with team members to work through possible scenarios: Get your employees together and discuss possible scenarios, and how you would respond. Getting input from the group means you’ll have all the information you need to address potential pitfalls. And, adding free pizza to the mix turns it into a team-building exercise!

So, how will you get started preparing your business for the unexpected?

‘CONTROLTEK FlatGuard™ Offender Report’ Released by the Loss Prevention Research Council

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (November 6, 2018) – Leading retail researcher and industry organization, the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), has conducted new study on the first EAS tag made specifically for small leather goods, the FlatGuard, made by emerging retail product protection leader, CONTROLTEK.

The study consisted of exposing ten known offenders to the FlatGuard technology and taking them through LPRC’s “See-Get-Fear” interview protocol.  “Offender reactions to the FlatGuard seemed to support a story of overall deterrence,” the report states.  “They rated the tag highly as a deterrent, and indicated by and large that the tag would result in them abandoning their plan to steal the protected product.”

The report also notes several humorous parts of the study, like the one when “the offender interviewed was mid-sentence exuberantly denouncing the tag’s deterrent value as he pulled it off, at which time his plan to turn the on/off switch to ‘off’ failed, and his confidence quickly turned to panic as he dropped the wallet and took several steps backward.”

The research report found that 100 percent of offenders studied in the LPRC Lab identified the FlatGuard tag as a deterrent. Additionally, “100 percent of offenders also understood the mechanism of the tag, correctly guessing that the tag had a built in alarm that would sound if removed and would set off the EAS pedestals.”

FlatGuard is a very thin EAS tag that easily fits inside wallets, purses and other similar merchandise, protecting them from loss prevention without puncturing the leather like traditional tags. Since it is so slim, it does not detract from the shopping experience, and can easily slide into a wallet almost like a credit card. FlatGuard has an EAS ferrite and an anti-tamper 95-decibel alarm to alert retailers if a shoplifter attempts to remove the tag.

“FlatGuard makes it easier to protect small leather goods, and retailers are affirming this with their positive response to this specialized product,” said Tom Meehan, CONTROLTEK’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Information Security Officer. “The LPRC study makes it absolutely clear that this tag is a deterrent to thieves, who rated it a much better deterrent than a typical LP situation. It has delivered an effective solution for the challenges of small retail items that can otherwise be easily removed and hidden for theft.”

For more information and to download a copy of the report, click this link.

CONTROLTEK Ranks Among the Top 10 Retail Security Solution Providers by Retail CIO Outlook

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (November 6, 2018) – CONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, has made Retail CIO Outlook’s 2018 list of the “Top 10 Retail Security Solution Providers” for its comprehensive line of secure packaging products that help the nation’s leading banks, armored couriers and retailers transport cash safely and securely, and boost loss prevention efforts.

“Being acknowledged by Retail CIO Outlook as one of the top retail security solutions is another validation of the effectiveness of our solutions, our people and our business model,” said CONTROLTEK CEO, Rod Diplock. “We’ve never been in the business of selling widgets. Instead, CONTROLTEK has from the beginning been here to provide solutions that meet the needs of our retail customers by first aligning with them as partners, and then tailoring industry-leading technology to enable them to solve their day-to-day challenges.”

CONTROLTEK took a spot on the list alongside nine other industry solution providers, including InVue, Stanley Security and Vector Security. “From high-profile organized POS data breach, digital retail crimes, and employee thefts to the exponential growth of disrupting technologies and decentralized payment methods, the retail enterprise is under siege from all elevations,” the report stated.  It added that only retail organizations with a clear roadmap and continued investment in cybersecurity measures will “bridge all possible security gaps.”

The Quickest Way to Access Bookmarks

In Firefox or Google Chrome, you can quickly access your bookmarks by typing what you’re looking for right in the search box. For example, if you have the D&D Daily saved in the bookmarks, just start typing that in the search box and voilà – the result pops right up. This is a neat time saver.

CONTROLTEK’s Tom Meehan to Present on Anti-Counterfeit Techniques at ACCE Conference in Las Vegas

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (November 1, 2018) – CONTROLTEK’s Tom Meehan, a nationally recognized expert in asset protection, cyber security, and financial technology, will be speaking at the Anti-Counterfeit and Currency Expo (ACCE) in Las Vegas on November 7, 2018.

Together with Robert Norman from Fifth Third Bank and Barbara Myatt from Cash Processing Solutions, Tom will present on best practices and trends in anti-counterfeit techniques in commercial banks. “Discussing the challenges banks and retailers are faced with and sharing loss prevention practices strengthens our relationships and leads to more secure and efficient cash management,” said Tom Meehan.

CONTROLTEK will also be showcasing the latest in security packaging and anti-counterfeit offerings at booth 620 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from November 6 – 8, 2018.

ACCE is an educational event in the Americas focusing on advancements in cash management and anti-counterfeit techniques. It is attended by representatives of central banks, commercial banks, cash management companies and technology partners.

For more information and to register for a free pass, visit the ACCE Website.