Cybersecurity Risks That Will Give You the Blues

Bluetooth makes it simple to connect devices and share data wirelessly, but it’s convenience can become another access point for cybersecurity attacks. Here are simple explanations of some common Bluetooth-related attacks to be aware:

BlueJacking: Hijacking the technology’s messaging option to send unsolicited messages or spam advertising as a means for phishing attacks.

BlueSnarfing: Connecting to the device to download data such as contacts, text messages, emails, calendars or other unique identifying information.

BlueBugging: Taking full control of the device to gain inside access, sensitive information, or to spy on the user’s activity.

It is important to always safeguard your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Keep your devices updated, avoid using Bluetooth to send sensitive information, monitor your data usage, turn off Bluetooth when not using it and keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.

Always Lock Your Devices to Protect Your Physical and Technical Security

As we slowly return to work post COVID-19, I would like to remind everyone the importance of not leaving your computer or devices unlocked and unattended. When I was in my office recently, I realized that the building was nearly empty. While shared office spaces may be at little-to-no occupancy, it’s important to not be fooled by the false sense of security of an empty office. This is prime time for a bad actor to get into your network or device. Physical security of a device is just as important as technical security. Keep your guard up and remember to always lock your PC, tablet or any other device when you leave it unattended.

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Speaking Out in a Pandemic – Rod Diplock

This interview originally appeared in Loss Prevention Magazine. Read the full article here.

At the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, like most companies we approached it as we had approached past crises. Our preparedness and remote capabilities allowed us to provide uninterrupted, reliable, and responsive customer support. Our long-term relationships and constant communication with our supply chain partners allowed us to avoid disruptions. And our distribution centers, which are considered essential services, ensured employees followed safe and healthy measures while staying fully operational to deliver for our customers.

We quickly discovered this pandemic was unlike any other crisis any of us had experienced, and there was no playbook to navigate the unprecedented challenges. We stuck with the basics and focused on our core values. In everything we do at CONTROLTEK, we provide solutions that protect. We are the people that deliver, and our focus and commitment is devoted to our customers.

We kept business as usual delivering loss prevention solutions for our retail partners while also evaluating whether our customers needed different solutions to “protect” in this moment. The impact of this crisis increased the concern of protecting the health and safety of people, and we began to hear from our customers the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hand sanitizer, masks, face shields, countertop shields, and gloves. We have provided essential security and operational supplies to our retail, banking, and logistics customers for many years. We were able to leverage our diverse supply chain to secure the vital PPE our customers were looking for from trusted sources. These relationships allowed us to also manage the costs as best we could with the current demand and deliver it very quickly for our customers.

We are extremely grateful for the partnerships that we have throughout the retail industry, and it has never been more important to us to provide our partners the support and solutions you need. We look forward to continuing to support those on frontlines in any way we can. As we begin to experience the new normal, we are here to collaborate and will continue to work diligently to offer resources, tools, and solutions to best support the retail industry.

This interview was featured in the May/June 2020 issue of Loss Prevention Magazine. To subscribe to the printed version of the magazine and enjoy other great content, visit

CONTROLTEK Offers Virtual Site Surveys to Better Serve Retailers

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Jun. 4, 2020) – CONTROLTEK a leader in retail asset protection and security solutions, adds virtual site survey services for examining loss prevention solutions to better support retailers while keeping a commitment to the health and safety of employees and customers.

“Retailers are preparing their stores for reopening and the anticipated increase in theft issues and health and safety concerns. We want to allow them to examine asset protection solution options without having to wait for lifted restrictions or be concerned about exposing the health and safety of their employees,” said Rubin Press, vice president, global sales at CONTROLTEK. “We’ve simply taken our LP Professional Services and made them virtual to meet the needs of our customers.”

“Our Customer Success organization’s many years of experience operating remotely has allowed us to provide uninterrupted and responsive customer support during this difficult time,” said David Hardeman, CONTROLTEK’s director of customer success. “We conduct the virtual site survey with the same First Time Right approach and level of service our customers would experience in-store. Our certified representatives know the right questions to ask to understand our customer’s challenges, and which loss prevention solution would work best in their particular retail environment.”

“This new service offering is another way we continue to support our customers amidst the challenges brought on by the pandemic, while helping them prepare their stores and protect their assets,” said Rod Diplock, CEO of CONTROLTEK. “Thinking differently to evolve and improve our operations has also allowed us to keep our employees working while ensuring their health and safety is protected.”

About CONTROLTEK’s Professional Services and Virtual Site Survey

Our First Time Right™ Systems Deployment and Professional Services streamline the process of implementing a new loss prevention technology, making your life easier. Our team of retail and technology experts are with our customers every step of the way. During the virtual site survey, our Professional Services team conducts a video conference survey examining the store and providing loss prevention solution recommendations. For more information about our Virtual Site Survey and Professional Services, visit the CONTROLTEK website.

How to Avoid Fake News

Not sure if the news source you’re reading is trustworthy? The browser extension NewsGuard, available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari, rates news by the likelihood if it being accurate based on basic standards of accuracy and accountability. This is an easy and free way to reduce your chance of reading fake news.