How RFID Tags Detour Shoplifters in Retail Stores

If you manage a retail store, you know full well how devastating shoplifting can be to your bottom line. According to a 2020 National Retail Security Survey, shrink was at an all-time high with costs to retailers hovering around $61.7 billion. As we ride through the COVID wave, shoplifting continues to rise, as the unemployment rate has been impacted by the virus and people are more desperate for goods but have thinner bank accounts.

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CONTROLTEK Launches CT360 an Agnostic Solutions Offering for Retailers

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Aug. 31, 2021)CONTROLTEK, a leading provider of cutting-edge retail loss prevention solutions, is expanding its product offering with the new CT360, a line of superior, scalable, and technology-agnostic solutions to accommodate all retailers.

“Collaborating with many different retail clients has given us a lot of insight into what solutions they truly need to combat their evolving challenges and what they are looking for in their solutions provider,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “While it is our priority to solve today’s challenges, we want to prepare retailers for their future, and with CT360 they can be confident they are investing in solutions that will continue to evolve with them.”

“This new product line is very exciting from a technology perspective and I cannot wait to unveil these innovative solutions over the next four weeks,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, CONTROLTEK’s chief strategy officer and chief information security officer. “We understand that particular technologies are fit for certain challenges, so CT360 is an expansion of our agnostic approach to asset protection to allow us to find the right solutions to address our clients’ challenges.”

“This initiative isn’t just about providing innovative and proven solutions, CT360 encompasses our commitment and dedication to our customers,” said Rod Diplock, chief executive officer at CONTROLTEK. “We pride ourselves on delivering our solutions First Time Right™ and success to us is measured by cultivating and maintaining an ongoing partnership with our clients through delivery, service, and support.”

For the next four weeks, CONTROLTEK will unveil a new solution every week, including EAS and RFID technologies. More information about CT360 and CONTROLTEK’s expanded solutions offering for retailers is available on the company’s website.

CONTROLTEK Teams Up with rapitag to Enable Retail 4.0

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Aug. 17, 2021)CONTROLTEK, a global leader in retail loss prevention and security solutions, has partnered with rapitag, a worldwide technology provider of the world’s first patented anti-theft IoT solution for secure mobile self-checkout. As the exclusive provider of rapitag solutions in North America, CONTROLTEK is committed to supporting retail’s digital transformation by deploying smart security solutions and providing unparalleled service for retailers.

“At rapitag, we bring one-click buying to the retail floor with a smart and secure way for contactless mobile self-checkout,” said Alexander Schneider, founder and CEO at rapitag. “The rapitag device automatically unlocks after an item has been purchased, allowing customers to simply choose the items they want, ring them up at self-checkout or from their mobile device, pay, then leave with their purchases, without the need for a detacher or further store associate assistance.”

“Now more than ever retailers are evaluating how they can reduce costs and protect their bottom line. The rapitag technology not only keeps merchandise secure, but its features reduce time spent by store associates at checkout and ensures the right stock on hand so retailers don’t miss out on a sale,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “By adding rapitag technology to our offering, we can help retailers take their loss prevention even further and prepare their business for the future.”

“We are excited to support retailers in their physical stores’ digital transformation by providing a comprehensive solution that also protects their profitability and brand,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer at CONTROLTEK. “The rapitag solution automates retail loss prevention, enables seamless self-checkout and helps retailers unlock a fully omnichannel shopping experience for their customers while equipping them to make data-driven decisions to optimize their retail operations.”

To learn more about rapitag’s cutting-edge technology, visit our website.

What’s the Difference Between EAS Tags and RFID Tags?

Shoplifting has always been a major concern for retailers, but the costs of retail loss have grown in recent years. According to Hayes International, stolen merchandise that was recovered by retailers dropped by over $34 million between 2019 and 2020. To combat retail shrink, anti theft devices for retail stores have become more affordable and widely available.

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Why You Should Invest In Tamper Evident Cash Bags for Your Retail Store

Many retailers are familiar with the cash handling process, which is a necessary but sometimes time-consuming part of managing retail operations. In addition to counting cash every day and recording these deposits, you must also store and transport cash, often working with a cash-in-transit (CIT) company to move deposits from your stores to your bank.

Along with more common retail security products like EAS and RFID systems, tamper evident bags can improve the internal security of your retail store while also increasing the efficiency of bank transfers. Today we’ll go over how tamper evident bags can support your retail operations using multiple types of security features to indicate tamper attempts and deter theft.

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5 Features To Look For in Tamper Evident Bank Bags

Ensuring you have reliable, high-quality banking supplies is an important part of the operational efficiency of your banking operations, from counting cash and coins from customers to transporting cash and other high-value assets between branches or to high-security vaults. In this blog, we’ll review why banking supplies like tamper-evident cash bags can improve your operational efficiency and prevent cash theft.

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What Are the Important Features To Look For in Retail Security Packaging for Cash Deposits?

As retailers continue to look for solutions that optimize their operations, many retail security companies have developed solutions that successfully protect high-value assets like merchandise and cash. In addition to storing and transporting these assets, companies that create well-made retail security packaging also help retailers to streamline the behind-the-scenes processes of handling these assets. This enables retailers to save even more time and money.

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