CONTROLTEK Launches CONTROLSPAN RFID Management Software

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (September 28, 2021) – CONTROLTEK, a leading provider of loss prevention and asset protection solutions, has recently launched its new RFID management software, CONTROLSPAN, for real-time item-level visibility and asset tracking of the retail store.   

 “Although RFID has become a popular ‘smart’ alternative to barcode, retailers that want to truly transform their operations need to oversee all of their RFID solutions, which led us to develop our own RFID management software,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer, and chief information security officer at CONTROLTEK. “By combining cloud, mobile, AI, and IoT technologies into one platform, CONTROLSPAN provides retailers with up to 99 percent accurate, real-time visibility of their entire stock, from production to point of sale, so they can streamline omnichannel sales and sell to the last unit.”   

 “With CONTROLSPAN, retailers can future-proof their business with the near-endless potential of RFID technology,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “For example, retailers can integrate CONTROLSPAN with their existing customer relationship management system to start collecting and analyzing data in real-time to better predict shopping trends and changing customer expectations.”   

“We are setting a course for a new era of product innovation and inspiration for retailers. CONTROLSPAN is the future of retail inventory software and an integral part of the successful deployment of a cohesive omnichannel strategy,” said Rod Diplock, chief executive officer at CONTROLTEK. 

 For more information about CONTROLSPAN, visit CONTROLTEK’s website or contact a CONTROLTEK sales representative at  

CONTROLTEK Presents LPF Webinar: Solutions to Support Retail Digital Transformation in Retail (Retail 4.0)

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Sept. 23, 2021)  – CONTROLTEK, a leader in retail loss prevention solutions,  announces a new webinar: Solutions to Support Retail Digital Transformation in Retail (Retail 4.0). With numerous unexpected changes to the retail landscape in 2020, the widespread digital transformation of the retail industry is increasing faster than ever. Many retailers have utilized technology to optimize their operations in areas like omnichannel shopping, self-checkout, Pay and go, and inventory management.

“We have seen a seismic shift in terms of the rapid digitalization of the retail industry, which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, retailers need to utilize data-driven technology to make efficient decisions related to loss, overstocking, user shopping patterns, returns, the customer experience, and much more,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer, and chief information security officer, at CONTROLTEK.

“Retailers now face unique challenges as the industry accelerates towards Retail 4.0,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales. “In this webinar, we will discuss these challenges, and introduce future-ready technology that supports the digital transformation of retail, through customizable solutions for loss prevention, asset tracking, inventory control, and much more.

The webinar takes place September 30, 2021, at 1:00 PM EST via Zoom, and is presented by the Loss Prevention Foundation and qualifies for 1 continuing education unit (CEU) toward an LPCertified or CFI recertification.

To register for the webinar, visit the Loss Prevention Foundation’s website.

CONTROLTEK Launches InFlight RFID™, The Next-Generation RFID as EAS System

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Sept. 21, 2021) – CONTROLTEK, a leading retail security solutions provider, has released InFlight RFID, the world’s thinnest suspended RFID as EAS reader to elevate retail loss prevention to new heights. InFlight RFID is the latest release in CT360, CONTROLTEK’s line of scalable and agnostic solutions for retailers.

“With a nine-element antenna array, InFlight RFID offers the most advanced RFID array on the market for the highest performance possible,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer, and chief information security officer at CONTROLTEK. “Our next-generation RFID as EAS reader uses LiDAR time-of-flight (ToF) sensors to detect the speed and direction in which a tag is moving, providing highly accurate location tracking data that can be used for theft detection, asset tracking, real-time inventory management, and more.”

“RFID as EAS provides retailers with more than just basic loss prevention. In addition to virtually eliminating false alarms, InFlight RFID’s state-of-the-art technology tells retailers exactly what item has left the store so retailers can replenish merchandise,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “Thanks to its fully integrated Bluetooth (BLE), InFlight RFID can also sync with other RFID readers to transfer data in real-time, automating the inventory management process.”

For more information about InFlight RFID and CONTROLTEK’s other solutions for retailers, visit the company’s website or contact a CONTROLTEK sales representative at

6 Loss Prevention Strategies for Grocery Stores 

A successful loss prevention strategy is critical to a grocery store’s profitability. Data from 2020 shows that for grocers, retail shrink makes up 2 to 3 percent of an average grocer’s revenue, a significant share when profit margins are often very narrow. 

Although margins are already slim, grocery retailers can often find sustainable, long-term profitability by improving their loss prevention efforts. In this guide to loss prevention in grocery, we will go over the unique LP landscape of a grocery store and our top strategies to reduce shrink in grocery stores. 

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CONTROLTEK Introduces Omni SAM+RF, The Most Versatile EAS System in Retail

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Sept. 14, 2021) – CONTROLTEK, a leader in retail loss prevention solutions, has released Omni SAM+RF, a new omni-technology EAS system that uses both AM and RF technology in one system, with the option to upgrade to RFID in the future.

“Omni SAM+RF is the most versatile EAS system in retail today, combining all available technologies into one system with the ability to use any EAS tag on the market,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “Omni SAM+RF also has the option to upgrade to RFID, which opens up the possibility of automated inventory management, real-time asset tracking and improved customer insights for the forward-thinking retailer.”

“For retailers, EAS poses an unexpected problem because they have to choose between using AM and RF EAS in their stores,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer and chief information security officer at CONTROLTEK. “However, with Omni SAM+RF, retailers no longer have to choose. Instead, they can combine the power of both AM and RF without compromising on performance to better protect their merchandise.”

For more information about Omni SAM+RF and CONTROLTEK’s other solutions for retailers, visit the company’s website or contact a CONTROLTEK sales representative at

Top 7 Most Stolen Items From Grocery Stores and How to Protect Them

Grocery stores have some of the narrowest profit margins in the retail industry, generally ranging from 1 to 3 percent. While this business model works well for grocers, which make their money on volume rather than individual products, retail shrink can be especially detrimental to a grocery store’s bottom line. With retail shrink hovering around 1.62 percent in 2019, that means that grocery stores could lose as much as half of their profit margins to shrink, much of which is preventable. 

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Tom Meehan to Deliver Keynote at 2021 GROC Conference on The Link Between ORC and Human Trafficking

ATLANTA, GA. (Sept. 9, 2021)Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer at CONTROLTEK and leading expert in cybersecurity and organized retail crime, will join Noel Thomas, chief executive officer of Zero Trafficking, to deliver the keynote on the link between organized retail crime (ORC) and human trafficking, at the Georgia Retailers Organized Crime Alliance (GROC) Virtual Summit, on September 16, 2021.

“Human trafficking has become a major concern to retailers as organized retail crime has been shown to increase larger, more violent crimes,” said Meehan. “With Noel’s expertise in the fight against human trafficking, we’ll inform retailers about how to spot potential indicators of both ORC and human trafficking in their own operations.”

In this session, retailers can expect to gain a better understanding of how human trafficking and ORC are connected, how to spot potential indicators, and what to do when faced with this activity to help in the fight against ORC and human trafficking. “I’m pleased to support Tom’s involvement with Zero Trafficking and commend them for the critical work they are doing to equip the retail industry with resources and solutions to help combat the evolving challenges they are faced with in regards to ORC,” said Rod Diplock, CEO of CONTROLTEK.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the GROC website.


CONTROLTEK Unveils New RF EAS System for Retailers

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Sept. 7, 2021) – CONTROLTEK, a leader in the retail loss prevention technology space, has added a new RF system to its CT360 line of agnostic EAS solutions. CONTROLTEK’s new RF system, SRF, offers high-performing tag detection in a sleek yet durable design.

“After the overwhelming response we received from retailers seeing positive results with our SAM-AM systems, we saw the opportunity to also support retailers who use RF technology,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer and chief information security officer at CONTROLTEK. “With SRF, we focused on high-quality from the inside out. Beginning with high-performing software that can be customized to meet a retailer’s unique asset protection needs, including the option to upgrade to RFID to future-proof their operations, to the hardware that creates a streamlined aesthetic that will stand the test of time in a fast-paced retail environment.”

“We understand the budget challenges in retail, with many retailers resorting to repurposed solutions. It was important to us that we develop a solution that not only performs well, but one that can be delivered at a scalable cost,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “We are proud that we can support retailers with an outstanding solution that aligns with their budget and long-term business goals and is backed with the added assurance of a warranty that is best in the industry. This allows retailers peace of mind and freedom to focus on what is most important to them, serving their customers.”

More information about SRF can be obtained from the company’s website. To learn more about SRF and CONTROLTEK’s other retail loss prevention solutions, contact a CONTROLTEK sales representative at