A Short Banking Supplies List of Tips for Branch Managers Seeking Counterfeit Money Detectors

When it comes to prioritizing new banking supplies for your branch, counterfeit money detectors from a reputable banking security company are critical. As a bank manager or member of the leadership team, the last thing you want to do is create a bad reputation at your branch–something that can bleed into the brand’s identity. And since it is a federal crime to possess fake bills, failing to detect counterfeit notes can put your customers at risk when they are handed cash from a teller, or make an ATM withdrawal.  When fake money is uncovered at banks it is removed from their internal circulation and the Secret Service is notified (yup, they don’t just protect the president) to come collect the fake bills. This article will offer valuable tips on how to purchase counterfeit money detectors as a part of your new banking supplies by covering the types of counterfeit money detectors every bank should invest in and explain each device’s intended use.

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Fake Vaccination Cards Spread as Delta Variant Ramps Up

As the Delta variant of the coronavirus continues to sweep the nation, thousands of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine cards have started to flood the United States.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents report they have now seized more than 121 shipments containing more than 3,000 counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine cards. The agency said agents have intercepted the shipments at the port of Memphis, Tennessee – all of them from China and bound for different cities across the nation.

Disguised as paper greeting cards in packs of 20, 51 or 100, the counterfeit cards look like real vaccination certificates, including spaces where the recipient can write their name, birth date and vaccine information. While they look legitimate, complete with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logo, the cards are often littered with typos, unfinished words, and even misspelled Spanish words, in some cases.

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CONTROLTEK Releases Smart Solutions to Support Digital Transformation in Retail

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Oct. 5, 2021) – CONTROLTEK, a leader in retail loss prevention, has recently added new smart solutions to its product offering to support retailers in a rapidly digitizing industry. The new releases are part of CT360, a suite of smart solutions that use emerging technologies to provide the best in asset tracking, inventory management, omnichannel shopping, and more. 

“The retail industry has undergone a major acceleration in digital transformation, and advanced technology has become more integrated into many areas of retail,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer, and chief information security officer at CONTROLTEK. RFID has near limitless potential in terms of inventory control and asset tracking. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning modelsretailers can now make more efficient data-driven decisions based on precise stock information and valuable customer insights to create a more personalized shopping experience.”

“At CONTROLTEK, we understand the unique challenges that retailers face as the industry shifts toward a new generation of retail,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “That’s why we work with our clients to provide them with customized solutions that address their current challenges while preparing their business for the future.” 

“CONTROLTEK’s newest solutions InFlight RFID, a next-generation RFID as EAS reader; CONTROLSPAN, a robust RFID package for asset tracking, inventory management, and security; and a partnership with rapitag, the worldwide leading technology provider for secure mobile checkout, all support our ongoing commitment to supporting our clients through innovative solutions and systems to future-proof their businesses,” said Rod Diplock, chief executive officer at CONTROLTEK.  

For more information about CONTROLTEK’s commitment to the digital transformation of retail, visit the company’s website or contact a sales representative at sales@controltekusa.com.