4 Ways CONTROLTEK Tamper Evident Bank Bags Reduce Loss

Internal theft, mishaps with armored courier services, and human error lead to significant bank losses every year. In 2019 banks lost an estimate of $482 million, excluding robberies and bad loans. According to Statista, each bank loss offense averaged around $4,213.

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What The World’s Leading Banks Looks for in Tamper-Evident Deposit Bags

While banks provide a variety of services to their clients, one of their highest priorities is cash security. Banking institutions are trusted institutions that rely on secure cash deposits and transportation for the protection of their cash and reputations. To ensure the security of cash, many banks and credit unions utilize tamper-evident deposit bags.

With the use of seals and markings, tamper evident technology protects the contents of cash bags and ensures that they arrive at their intended destination in proper condition. Many tamper-evident deposit bags include features that indicate when a bag has been opened, enabling a bank to initiate an investigation immediately. Tamper-evident bags are considered essential banking supplies by many banks and credit unions to minimize cash losses.

What makes a tamper-evident bag so crucial to your banking operations? Throughout this article, we will examine the differences between tamper evident bags and traditional cash bags. We will also examine why banks should invest in tamper evident bags, and how typical tamper evident bags are secured.

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