Counterfeit Money Detection Equipment

Businesses in every industry are under the constant threat of receiving counterfeit money in exchange for goods and services. As you know, the government will not exchange counterfeit bills for real ones, and any losses associated with counterfeit currency must be written off as a loss due to theft. According to data compiled by the United States Department of Treasury, roughly $70 million in counterfeit bills are in circulation within the country. Protecting your bottom line means investing with a counterfeit money detection equipment company manufacturing the latest technology in detecting false bills. CONTROLTEK is known throughout the business world as the industry’s leading developer of counterfeit money detection technology, and offers a variety of products to help businesses improve their security.

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Counterfeit Money Detection by CONTROLTEK

CONTROLTEK offers counterfeit money detection equipment for organizations that handle both large amounts of cash such as vaulted content, as well as smaller amounts of currency. Our solutions enable us to help our clients improve their counterfeit money detection operations, and we offer monetary counterfeit detection products for companies that are new to this security arm and are looking to learn more as they protect their bottom line. The majority of counterfeit bills made in America are $20 notes, and most counterfeiting rings in Europe produce $100 notes. Being able to keep these bills out of your internal circulation is critical to your company’s security and growth, so we offer counterfeit money detector pens and machines that help to weed out any unlawful notes.

Currency Authenticator Machines

CONTROLTEK understands that currency authenticator machines need to be easy to use and reliable, and that’s why we created the UVerifEYE Currency Authenticator for organizations handling large or small amounts of money. Many of our customers ask, how do currency authenticator machines work? Fake note detection is possible thanks to amplifier and comparator, UV LED, and photodiode technology. UV rays are transmitted by a UV LED source. If the currency is authentic that the note’s material will absorb a certain amount of the UV rays, and if the note is counterfeit then the UV rays will reflect up to the photodiode. Counterfeiters are not able to produce notes that can fool this technology, and when you call CONTROLTEK to learn more about the UVerifEYE Currency Authenticator, we can recommend how many units to purchase based on the amount of cash movement that come sin and goes out of your facilities.

The Best Counterfeit Detection Pen is the D-TEK

Organizations that handle smaller amounts of cash, or that have point of sales locations, will invest in a reliable counterfeit detection pen to place at every location where cash is received. The best counterfeit detection pen will contain an iodine solution that reacts with the starch molecules contained in the standard wood-based paper, leaving a dark brown smudge–a clear sign that the bill is a counterfeit. The linen and cotton fibers in actual currency will not react with the iodine solution, and therefore no visual change will occur on the note.

There are certain visual cues one can take away from holding bills up to the light in order to determine if they are real or fake. However, this places a great deal of strain on employees, and the repetitive action causes fatigue and as a result human error is common. Using a counterfeit detection pen is a fast, reliable way to search for fake notes while protecting your organization’s reputation and profitability.

Invest in the Best Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Currency counter cleaning cards by CONTROLTEK have a patented design that cleans all surfaces around the rollers and belts, as well as the note recognition lenses in order to remove debris and particles enabling machine accuracy. One form of internal theft that companies face is when employees tamper with currency counters to mask the true number of bills being counted. This can be done by sprinkling fine lead particles from pencil shavings, or other similar types of debris. By regularly running currency counter cleaning cards through your equipment, you can significantly reduce this security threat, while simultaneously improving accuracy and productivity.

Counterfeit Money Detection Equipment by CONTROLTEK Should be Part of Your Security Strategy

Whether you manage a bank or a retail environment, investing in counterfeit money detection equipment like currency authenticator machines, a counterfeit detection pen for employees that handle cash, and currency counter cleaning cards will help to protect your bottom line, help you maintain a positive reputation, extend the life of your equipment, and aid in hitting your revenue goals by minimizing losses. Call CONTROLTEK today, and our team will assist you in selecting the best solution for your business needs.

Whether you are handling large amounts of cash in the vault or smaller amounts at the teller station, CONTROLTEK has a solution for counterfeit money detection. If your organization has trouble with counterfeit money detection or wants to learn how to tell if a $100 bill is real, our machines and counterfeit money detecting pens also known as  fake money pens are the best solution. Here are just some of our most popular products we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to source it for you.

UVerifEYE Currency Authenticator

A cost-effective method to counterfeit detection, this ultraviolet lamp detects UV security threads and watermarks on currency, credit cards, drivers’ licenses and other important documents. Also comes equipped with a magnetic head to detect magnetic ink security features.

D-TEK Counterfeit Detector Pen

Accurate and affordable, the D-TEK counterfeit detector pen is the classic screening tool as your first line of defense before moving on with other methods of counterfeit detection.

Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Designed to clean the feed rollers and bill paths of today’s high-speed currency counters, this product removes dirt and debris caused from normal use and extends your equipment’s lifetime.