Counterfeit Money Detectors

Whether you are handling large amounts of cash in the vault or smaller amounts at the teller station, CONTROLTEK has a solution for counterfeit money detection. If your organization has trouble with counterfeit money detection or wants to learn how to tell if a $100 bill is real, our machines and counterfeit money detecting pens also known as  fake money pens are the best solution. Here are just some of our most popular products we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to source it for you.

UVerifEYE Currency Authenticator

A cost-effective method to counterfeit detection, this ultraviolet lamp detects UV security threads and watermarks on currency, credit cards, drivers’ licenses and other important documents. Also comes equipped with a magnetic head to detect magnetic ink security features.

D-TEK Counterfeit Detector Pen

Accurate and affordable, the D-TEK counterfeit detector pen is the classic screening tool as your first line of defense before moving on with other methods of counterfeit detection.

Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Designed to clean the feed rollers and bill paths of today’s high-speed currency counters, this product removes dirt and debris caused from normal use and extends your equipment’s lifetime.