Custom Security Packaging Solutions

CONTROLTEK currently stocks over 70 different types of security bags. If your specific needs require a unique bag we don’t currently have, we can custom-design a solution for you.

Flexibility in Size, Colors, Printing, Security Features and Strength

CONTROLTEK’s custom cash, coin and bundle bags can be made of clear or opaque material, with a choice of colors (black and white being the most popular). We can print your custom graphics on the bags, including your logo and any special verbiage you require. Further customizations can include a specific size, number of pockets and the level of security (tamper-evident features) that best suit your needs. We can also offer different thicknesses (strengths) of plastic depending on your particular application. For all custom projects, please note that a minimum quantity applies.

Assortment of coin bags, security bags, cash bags, and security packaging laid out on a white background.


Custom Fulfillment Plans

Whether you purchase cash and coin bags by the pallet or need a partner who can directly ship to hundreds of individual locations for you at a pre-defined frequency, CONTROLTEK can help. We supply banks and retail chains of varying sizes and have many flexible fulfillment options. Our distribution center near Chicago boasts over half a million square feet, enabling us quick and efficient way to ship any quantity of bags anywhere in the country.

Reporting and Usage Monitoring

To help you run your operations smoothly while staying on budget, CONTROLTEK offers several reporting options that can include quarterly account review and customized online portal. With the quarterly review, your CONTROLTEK representative can offer usage analysis and help you forecast optimal quantities and order frequency. With a customized online portal, you can run reports yourself whenever you need to, place orders, track shipments and assign different levels of access to your staff.

reporting monitoring


Dedicated Representative

Fanatical service is one of our key commitments to our clients. That’s why we assign you a dedicated representative who will know you by name, and whom you contact directly any time you have a question or request.

Quality Guarantee

Exceeding client expectations in product quality is how we have become a top supplier of cash bags, coin bags and bundle bags in the U.S. All our bags are guaranteed to perform as promised or your money back: if at any time you receive a product that does not meet your approval, we will issue you a refund or replace the product with no hesitation.

quality guarantee