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importance of women mentoring women in asset protection

The Importance of Women Mentoring Women in Asset Protection

By Stefanie Hoover, CFI The APEX Women Virtual Conference has an impressive list of panelists and topics, and I am excited about this meeting. It got me to thinking back wistfully on my career and wishing I had had some mentors like those in this assembly. Mentorship sounds so great in theory, but in real-life […]

phone interview tips superheroes

Phone Interview Tips for Superheroes

By Stefanie Hoover, CFI By now your inbox has probably been saturated with tips on how to stay productive while working from home. Most of them may seem fairly obvious, as a work-from-home professional for the past seven years, I still read them looking for new ideas. For my investigator friends, I thought this would […]

CFI benefits

CFI Benefits Beyond the Title

By Stefanie Hoover, CFI Have you seen those holiday car commercials featuring people giving themselves the gift of a car? They are constantly on TV and in my opinion, they seem a little creepy. I get what they are trying to do: it’s mildly amusing, and sometimes it does feel nice to give yourself a […]

Holiday tips for LP professionals.

Holiday Tips for LP Pros

By Stefanie Hoover, CFI The holidays can be stressful in retail, to state the obvious. With crowded stores, frazzled employees, and grouchy customers, there may be days when you want to go hide. They can also be a lot of fun as we try to close out our year with great results, using our groups’ […]

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Impostor Syndrome in Forensic Interviewing

By Stefanie Hoover, CFI Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “I look like Keanu Reeves today?” And it’s not even young Keanu; it’s Keanu after his comeback! Maybe you don’t have a Keanu moment. Maybe it’s someone or something else like Hootie from Hootie & the Blowfish, […]

businesspeople working in team

The Impact of “Toxic” Co-workers

What’s really going on with the “toxic workplace” trend

forensic interviewer confessions

Development During the Interview

Sometimes old habits die hard. In fact, on many occasions, they refuse to die on their own, so they must be dealt with from time to time. What started out in my career as a great habit has morphed into something else altogether at home, with my daughter. More on that later. Early in my […]