CONTROLTEK logo on a blue background showing a retail space with an anti-theft EAS security system.

CONTROLTEK Opens New Innovation Experience Center

To kick off 2019 with another commitment to progress and innovation in loss prevention and cash security, CONTROLTEK opened a new headquarters in Bridgewater, New Jersey. We also debuted a brand-new Innovation Experience Center where clients can view and test our latest security solutions and work closely with our experts.

The Innovation Experience Center displays the latest security solutions and how they are used in a retail or banking environment. Source: Studio Eagle

“The Innovation Experience Center is designed as a collaborative space that enables clients to connect directly with our experts to come up with new solutions to the ever-evolving threats of shrink,” said Steve Sell, CONTROLTEK’s vice president of global sales and marketing.

The open layout of the office allows for greater collaboration between employees, customers and partners. Source: Studio Eagle

The new headquarters also gives our team members an open space to create new asset protection and cash security solutions, with each other and with industry partners, in a collaborative environment.

“This new space is an investment into the company’s future,” said Rod Diplock, CONTROLTEK’s chief executive officer, “and into expanding our relationships within the loss prevention industry.”

The Innovation Experience Center is seamlessly integrated into the office environment. Source: Studio Eagle

CONTROLTEK’s new headquarters is located a short drive from New York City at 200 Crossing Blvd., Second Floor, Bridgewater, NJ 08807.