Man hands woman standing at cash register a golden credit card.

Why Cashless Stores Aren’t Always Good News

On March 7 Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city to ban cashless stores. In our increasingly digital world, where nearly all businesses accept electronic forms of payment, it seems only logical to transition to a completely cashless system. So why did lawmakers ban businesses from refusing to accept cash? In 2017, nearly 6 percent […]

CONTROLTEK logo on a blue background showing a retail space with an anti-theft EAS security system.

CONTROLTEK Opens New Innovation Experience Center

To kick off 2019 with another commitment to progress and innovation in loss prevention and cash security, CONTROLTEK opened a new headquarters in Bridgewater, New Jersey. We also debuted a brand-new Innovation Experience Center where clients can view and test our latest security solutions and work closely with our experts. “The Innovation Experience Center is […]

8 Cybersecurity Predictions for Retail in 2019 and Beyond

(This article originally appeared in Loss Prevention Magazine) The last 24 months have been filled with news of breaches, attacks, and privacy concerns with no end in sight. Here are my 2019 cyber security predictions. 1. Both consumer and commercial IoT (Internet of things) devices will be a prime target for hackers. IoT devices (such as […]

2019 Retail Predictions: From the Rebirth of Brick and Mortar to the Death of Iconic Brands

(This article originally appeared in Loss Prevention Magazine) The retail industry had a phenomenal year. Retail has an exciting future. The doom-and-gloom reporting of the “death of retail” has subsided. The retail apocalypse is officially over. The evolution of retail is not. In 2017, over 7,000 retail locations closed. Less than half that number occurred […]

Facial Recognition Might Save Lives but Has Technology Drawbacks

(This article originally appeared in Loss Prevention Magazine Online) For some, facial recognition is only known in movies and television. To them, it is an imagined technology that allows one to identify someone using a computer to recognize a face. However, today, facial recognition is making a significant impact in multiple industries including healthcare, marketing, […]