What Is Big Data?

(This article originally appeared in Loss Prevention Magazine) Big data is a very large amount of complex data that can be structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. This can be a collection of traditional data sources, digital data sources from both inside and outside of your organization, social media, or public records, just to name a few. […]

On the Right Track Towards Retail Theft Prevention?

According to the 2015 Retail Theft Survey published by the National Retail Federation (NRF), retail shrink averaged 1.38% of sales, resulting in $44 billion in losses.  The increase in repeat shoplifters, employee theft, and other fraudulent activities may seem overwhelming. However, there are solutions to help retailers better manage inventory shrink.   About CONTROLTEK Since […]

EAS made EASy

No one can argue we’re in a time when technology seems to be moving faster than we can keep up with it.  That may be why EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) technology seems to be elusive and confusing when it comes to its evolution and modern capabilities. Well…it isn’t and doesn’t have to be. This article […]

The Evolution of the Loss Prevention Executive

Never has it been more important than now for loss prevention professionals to recognize that they are in the “practice” of a business profession.  Many Loss Prevention executives believe their profession is not unlike the practice of accounting or law, in that when regulations, technology, or laws change, Loss Prevention’s strategy and approach must also […]

Complacency: The Risk That Comes with Lower Shrink

While inventory shrink is still an issue in the retail industry, this year’s statistics indicate loss prevention efforts have been paying off. The 2015 National Retail Security Survey showed a 1.38 percent average in inventory shrink (as a percent to sales) during the previous year, totaling $44 billion in losses, Security InfoWatch reported. While retailers are still […]

Giving Retail CEOs What They Need the Most

Earlier this year, the Loss Prevention industry was shaken when the D&D Daily referenced the latest Whitepaper by the Calibration Group, which revealed that Stock-on-Hand (SOH) is 7 times greater than ORC. Now that the world of retail has been alerted to this new finding, what can Loss Prevention professionals do to leverage technology in […]

The 5 Secrets to Protecting Cash Deposits

The 2014 National Retail Federation/University of Florida National Retail Security Survey reported that retailers lost an average of 1.38% of retail sales, amounting to nearly $44 billion, due to shrinkage and theft. The survey further said, “losses from employee theft cost retailers $16 billion a year.” These drains on the bottom line can take a […]