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What Managers Look for in Tamper Evident Bags for Their Casino Supplies

Casinos handle large amounts of currency and are thus susceptible to theft and violent crime. Players and employees may engage in stealing or cheating; their tactics are often hard to spot. Common security measures implemented in casinos include surveillance cameras, highly trained professionals who can spot suspicious activity, and strict enforcement of rules.

Casino security is much more than having strong security guards; it involves complex, multimillion-dollar investments in technology and security-focused casino supplies.

These supplies include high-quality tamper evident bags, like those used by banks, which meet Federal Reserve guidelines. Deposit bags are used within stores and facilities, and cash-in-transit bags are transported by armored car services. Casino managers rely on both types of bags every day.

What Is a Tamper Evident Bag?

A tamper evident bag is a specialized security solution that provides direct proof someone tried to access its contents during storage or transport. If the bag has been opened, its features and details will reveal so. Tamper evident deposit bags are available for cash, while others are designed to carry coins. They’re typically made of plastic or vinyl and are tightly sealed.

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Special Features

The features found on casino security bags and tamper evident products in general include:

  • Highly Visible Details: Security bags have space to describe their contents, where they should go, and to prevent mislabeling or miscounting. Serial numbers and barcodes are large enough to be seen on security camera feeds. A bag can be tracked by its sequential number so it can’t be switched or confused with another.
  • Water and Tamper Resistance: If someone has cut and resealed the bag, tears will be visible no matter what is done to cover up their actions. CONTROLTEK products have security features such as micro perforations that reveal attempts to pull the tamper evident closure, special ink that reacts to fluid solvents, and thermochromic ink that changes color with exposure to heat.

Random line graphics, security borders, and a void message that appears when cold or chemicals are applied to a bag may also be used.

  • Durable Locks/Closures: Our Press2Lok closure seals by simple pressing. The TripLOK™ bag, which is the most widely used of its kind in the banking industry, has a triple-seal closure with an interior adhesive (there are no openings once the bag is sealed). The PermaLOK has a side-weld construction and is suited for drop safe applications.

Tamper evident bags are also available in different styles and sizes. Small, medium, and large sizes help meet the needs of specific applications. Depending on your requirements, a bag may feature labels, amounts, instructions, or information about a specific casino or bank it is intended for.

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What Are the Pros to Using Tamper Evident Bags?

The advantages of using tamper evident bags in casinos include:

  • Reduced likelihood of losing cash, which can impact a casino’s revenue, reputation, and legal liability.
  • The ability to secure cash as well as documents, playing cards, and dice.
  • Storage of guests’ valuables who are staying at a casino-hotel.
  • Chain of custody tracking for knowing who was involved in control, transfer, and use of materials and when (most often refers to an investigation).
  • Are not readily available to the public, so are difficult to duplicate.

The benefits of tamper evident bags are even stronger when other measures are implemented. As mentioned earlier, video cameras are highly effective in tracking them. Cameras should be placed such to provide full coverage of a casino floor and where cash is counted or exchanged.

Managers should also train their staff (new and existing) in how to handle money, spot signs of theft, and to properly use tamper evident packaging. For those who have access to cash storage, vaults, or accounts, two-person authentication should be used. Two people should always sign off on transactions and movements of cash. Alternating staff members who are responsible for such activities helps reduce the risk of criminal activity.

Tamper Evident vs. Tamper Resistant

A bag that is tamper evident is designed to show that someone tried to open it. Although it is tightly sealed, the package isn’t necessarily built to resist manipulation. The two are often confused. To be considered tamper evident, a bag must have a description of its contents, a visible seal, and guidelines of how to identify whether there has been any tampering.

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Tamper evident technology not only provides security and a chain of custody—it is also good for brand reputation, as it helps preserve customers’ safety. This rings true in everything from the food industry to software, cosmetics, consumer goods, and toys. Any product that is frequently handled is more secure when this technology is implemented.

Where to Find the Best Tamper Evident Bags for Casinos

CONTROLTEK bags are used by the top banks and government entities in the U.S. They’re designed to simplify cash handling, reduce internal theft, and expedite investigations. In fact, our products have been used across three continents. Security has been in our blood since 1976 while the TripLOK bag has been in use since the mid-1990s and EAS and RFID solutions have been available since 2011.

Our high-quality solutions are carefully engineered to prevent inventory loss. In the casino industry, this refers to the large amounts of currency and high-value items moved on a daily basis. Fortunately, financial assets can be protected by restricting a common vulnerability—that of cash being at risk when being handled. Our products make it easier to enforce security rules and track unethical or illegal behavior of guests and staff members.

Continue browsing to learn more about CONTROLTEK’s security cash packaging. Our free resources include catalogs and white papers that provide a thorough background on these solutions. Order tamper evident bags online today to improve your casino security; for assistance, call 888-808-6970.