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Using your smart phones camera handsfree

Your smart phone can take a snapshot or open the camera with voice commands. For Android smart phones say “OK, Google, take selfie” the camera will open and snap the photo. For IOS “Hey, Siri, take a photo,” for IOS you will have to press the actual shutter button. Both IOS and Android offer other options and shortcuts to make photo taking a snap.

Did you Know Your iPhone has a Secret “Button”

The Apple logo on the back of your iPhone has a secret function if you’re using iOS 14. iOS 14 allows you tap the back of your iPhone to launch apps, snap screen shots, and a whole lot more. The new back tap feature can be found in the Accessibility settings. You can perform quick actions by double- or triple-tapping the *back of your iPhone*.  After setup all you have to do is quick taps on the back and it works with or without a case.

Scammers Targeting COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Posted Online

Don’t post you COVID-19 vaccination cards online. You may have seen people posting their vacations cards on Instagram, Facebook, and TIK TOK. Your card has personal information that scammers can use. Scammers in the UK have been selling counterfeit vaccination cards posted online. People want to buy  counterfeit CDC cards, so they can travel without being quarantined. This is one of the many scams related to the Covid-19 vaccination.

Work From Home Hack

You may not have your dual monitor set up while working from home, but you can easily use your single monitor’s real estate more efficiently if you are a Microsoft Windows user. When you have multiple items open right click on the task bar and select “show windows side by side”. This is a quick and easy way to make more useable space.

Ever Accidentally Close a Browser Tab?

Nothing stinks more than closing a browser and not being able to find the site you were on previously. You could always got back to history and scroll through 100 pages or you can hit Ctrl+Shift+T on your PC or Command+Shift+T on your Mac to automatically reopen the tab you just closed.  This is a quick and easy tip that may save you some time and frustration.

Sharing is Not Caring

Many professionals are still working from home while their children are attending school virtually. Keep in mind that many hackers are targeting schools and students. Keep your cyber data safe by not sharing your work computer with your children. Doing so can spell trouble, so it is very important to always be cautious.

WhatsApp for Secure Messaging and Easy Searching

Consider using WhatsApp as your messaging platform. This free and fully encrypted messaging app has been one of the most-downloaded apps in the past 10 years. WhatsApp ensures that messages are kept private and safe. With desktop and mobile apps, it makes it easy to respond and search for messages from any device. This secure and easy to use messaging platform is available for IOS and Android.  Check it out!

3 Tips for Setting Safer Passwords

Passwords continue to be a target for hackers. Here are 3 easy tips for setting safer passwords.

  1. Use 2-factor authentication when its available.
  2. Use longer passwords; the longer the harder to crack.
  3. Do not include your name, birthday, or references to other personal details.

A Blast from the Past with Cached Page

Cached page compiles snapshots and versions of a web page saved at a specific time and stored by a web server as a backup copy. When a site has been updated or has been removed by the site owner, you can access the cached version by searching for it using this tool: This is a great way to check out what was on a site in the past.

My Go-To Tool for Image Searching

Are you looking for a good tool to search for images online? TinEye is a great image search and recognition tool. The reverse image search allows you to search by image and find where that image appears online. It is great from research and investigations. Check it out, here