The Highest-Performing Security Bag in Banking

What Big Banking Looks for in Tamper Evident Deposit Bags 

While banks offer many services to their clients, one of their highest priorities is cash security. Banks are trusted institutions that rely on secure cash deposits and transportation to protect their cash and their professional reputation. In order to ensure cash security, many banks and credit unions use tamper evident deposit bags to transport their cash. 

Tamper evident technology protects cash bags with seals, markings and other resistant techniques to protect the bag’s contents and ensure the recipient gets the bag in its intended condition. Most tamper evident deposit bags have design features to indicate if a bag has been opened so that a bank can start an investigation right away. Many banks and credit unions consider tamper evident bags as one of their essential banking supplies to reduce cash loss. 

So what makes a tamper evident bag essential for your banking operations? In this article, we will go over the differences between tamper evident bags and traditional cash bags, why banks should invest in tamper evident bags and the security features of a typical tamper evident bag. 

Tamper Evident Bags vs. Fabric Cash Bags 

Although traditional cash bags are reusable, they lack many of the security features that make tamper evident bags an ideal solution for banks. Most fabric cash bags can only be locked by key locks or combination locks, which can be easily defeated by bolt cutters. If a thief uses a lockpick to defeat a lock, takes the cash inside the bag and then relocks the bag, there is no evidence that the cash bag was compromised at all. 

In comparison, the safety features of tamper evident deposit bags make it incredibly difficult to hide any tampering, even if a skilled thief breaches the bag. One specific technique for opening tamper evident bags is to cut the edge of the bag and then reseal it with glue or apply heat to melt the plastic together. However, many tamper evident bags feature microprinting along the seams, making it nearly impossible for a thief to match up the edges and steal cash without a trace. 

If you’re concerned that a plastic bag would not be able to withstand the vigor of cash vault and cash-in-transit (CIT) environments, think again. High-quality tamper evident deposit bags are made with specific resins to create a material that is incredibly durable while still remaining light to reduce shipping costs. Even tamper evident bags for coins are designed to carry heavy coin deposits without bursting from the weight. 

Tamper Evident Bag Features 

The future of tamper evident bank bags indicates growing demand and the continuation of evolving technology and features. What will always remain the same is purpose: the primary purpose of a tamper evident bag is to indicate if someone has opened the bag or tried to breach it. Because there are many ways a thief could try to open a cash deposit bag, most tamper evident deposit bags have multiple security features that detect different tampering methods. 

Below is a list of the most common tamper evident features: 

  1. Void Message

Most tamper evident bags feature void messages in multiple areas. The most common use of a void message is as part of a void seal: When the seal is broken, it leaves behind an obvious void message to indicate the seal has been removed. 

A void message is typically a brightly colored pattern with the word “void” repeated, making it very easy to spot so you can investigate why the bag has been opened as early as possible. 

  1. Freezing and Heating Attempt Detection

Some tamper evident bags can be defeated with extreme changes in temperature and then easily resealed. If a thief attempts to breach the bag by applying freezing cold air or a heat gun to the seal, they are likely to encounter another security feature: freezing and heating attempt detection. 

Freezing and heat detection technology use temperature-reactive ink to indicate if someone tried to open a bag by freezing or heating the seal. If the bag is exposed to temperatures extreme enough to compromise its integrity, it will reveal a high-visibility void message signaling a tampering attempt. 

Many tamper evident deposit bags feature different void messages for freezing and heat detection so banks can determine how the bag was opened to aid their investigation. Freezing detection typically uses a blue void message while heat detection uses a red void message. 

  1. Microprinting

Microprinting is a simple but highly effective security feature found in many tamper evident bags. In this tamper evident feature, a bag has a security border along its seams with a microprinted design. 

The tiny details of the design make it nearly impossible for a thief to use more covert ways to open a bag, such as cutting and resealing the edge of a bag. Even if the thief does manage to steal cash from a bag, the microprinting would clearly indicate a tampering attempt so you can look into the issue as soon as possible. 

Benefits of Tamper Evident Deposit Bags 

Along with coin wrappers, currency straps and ATM supplies, tamper evident bags have quickly become a critical part of a bank’s everyday banking supplies. Tamper evident deposit bags can give banks the peace of mind that their cash deposits have not been compromised at some point in the supply chain. 

Here are some of the main benefits of tamper evident bags for banks: 

 Easy to Use 

Tamper evident deposit bags are just as easy to use as canvas bank bags, if not easier. Simply peel off the adhesive strip and fold the opening closed to seal the bag. Once you’ve sealed the bag, any attempt to open the bag will reveal a high-visibility void message to indicate the bag might have been tampered with. 

Versatile Application 

Many tamper evident bags include additional features, such as an extra pocket for checks and deposit slips. These pockets are typically perforated to simplify the sorting process for your CIT partner. By combining your cash and check deposits, you can use your banking supplies budget for other resources. 

You can also order tamper evident bags with serial numbers and barcodes so you can scan cash bags and reconcile deposits with your system. 

Durable Construction 

Tamper evident bags are made with high-quality plastic resins, like polyethylene, to make the bags strong and resistant to friction. The plastic construction of tamper evident bags also makes them light; for banks that transport pallets with hundreds of cash bags, this can reduce shipping costs significantly. 

Along with their high-quality materials, tamper evident deposit bags have sturdy security seams to prevent bursting and a strong adhesive that won’t come undone in transit. 

Multiple Security Measures 

Tamper evident bags are designed with multiple security measures to offer comprehensive protection against all forms of access, such as cutting, applying heat or cold and using moisture or solvents to dissolve the adhesive seal. 

Invest in the Best Tamper Evident Deposit Bags 

As cash continues to play a big role in the payments ecosystem, tamper evident deposit bags have become an important part of necessary banking supplies to ensure customer satisfaction and grow a bank’s reputation for security. CONTROLTEK’s tamper evident bags have proven to be so effective that the nation’s top banks and government bodies have used our bags for decades. 

Our line of tamper evident deposit bags can help you reduce internal theft, speed up your investigations and make cash handling simpler than ever before. Contact us today to learn more about how tamper evident bags can improve your cash security.