Who We Are

We are innovators.  We are listeners.  We are doers.  And for over 45 years we’ve been helping customers solve their business problems in new, efficient, and secure ways.  CONTROLTEK’s tamper-evident security packaging helps the nation’s leading banks, armored couriers, and retailers transport cash safely and securely.  And our inventory protection and visibility solutions help retailers protect their merchandise better and run their operations more efficiently.  As a second-generation family-owned business, with a history of stable growth and a reputation for strong customer focus, CONTROLTEK continues to deliver on its core promise every day: provide solutions that protect and always be the people that deliver.

Our History

Our founder, Jon Diplock, started our company back in 1976 with an old Volvo truck and a desire to bring to the world the finest in security products, providing a service that’s friendly and dependable.  Today CONTROLTEK has presence on three continents; our products are delivered via a state-of-the-art logistics network; and we are relied on by some of the world’s premier financial and retail organizations.

During our history we’ve accomplished many firsts.  In the mid-1990’s CONTROLTEK introduced the TripLOK®  security  bag, which has since become an industry standard in banking and government cash transport.  Soon thereafter we introduced SafeLOK® which is now the most popular cash deposit bag in the retail industry.  In 2001 we introduced the world’s first reliable plastic coin bag – CoinLOK®, and in 2009, we introduced the EcoLOK® – the first degradable cash bag.

In 2011 we began offering EAS and RFID solutions, using the same attention to quality and security as we did with our cash packaging.  Our efforts have been rewarded with the trust of some of the largest retail chains which now rely on us for their inventory protection solutions.

What hasn’t changed in the past 40 years are the core values that our company was built upon.  Making security the cornerstone of every solution we offer.  The commitment to fulfill every promise.  The friendliness and care with which our employees treat our customers.  And the determination to grow our company in a stable and sustainable way.

Solutions that protect.  People that deliver.  That was CONTROLTEK back in 1976.  And that’s CONTROLTEK today.

Meet the staff at controltek

Our Mission

To provide solutions that protect and to always deliver on our promises.

Our Vision

To eliminate inventory loss; protecting our client’s brand and profitability.

Our Values

    • Passion: We never give up
    • Integrity: We do the right thing – always
    • Innovation and Creativity: We find ways to get things done
    • Service: We eat, breathe and sleep fanatical service to deliver First Time Right
    • Team: We operate as one team in support for the client
    • Discipline: We do what we say and hold ourselves accountable