Rod Diplock

Chief Executive Officer

Since launching his career as a CONTROLTEK sales manager in 1994, Rod immersed himself in all facets of the business and has played a pivotal role in strategic product development. Based on Rod’s inventiveness, CONTROLTEK has taken the lead in changing the way the industry packages and transports coin and currency.

As a thought leader and Managing Director, Rod has a remarkable ability for listening and responding to client’s needs with technologically advanced solutions. His hands-on approach for client service is rivaled only by his obsession with product quality and customer responsiveness.

With an ever watchful eye on the future, Rod has led CONTROLTEK in its evolution from a bank supplies company in 1976 to a company focused on bringing intelligent security packaging to the retail and banking industries and inventory security solutions to the retail marketplace. Rod is looking forward to pushing the envelope, anticipating client’s needs and providing end-to-end solutions that simply work in the markets CONTROLTEK serves.