face shields recommended by experts


IC-95 FaceShield

Comfortable wrap-around headband

Professional Protection. Complete Coverage.

This face shield is helpful in protecting the eyes, nose, and mouth from flying debris, certain chemical hazards and effectively isolates saliva. The full-length shield provides more complete coverage than a typical face shield. Wrap-around head band gives greater support on the head during prolonged use.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight design allows for full head and neck movement
  • Industrial quality hook & loop strap materials allow for quick and easy adjustments
  • Helps extend the life of your respirator
  • Clear for maximum visibility
  • Design provides side and front face protection
  • Industrial rated foam for all day comfort

ShakoShield Cap Visor

Turn any cap into a face shield

Flexible Protection. Complete Coverage.

This ShakoShield Cap Visor helps you protect your staff by shielding their eyes, nose and mouth. It conveniently clips on to any peak cap where traditional face shields cannot be worn.

Key Benefits

  • Clips onto front brim of hats
  • Lightweight and suitable to be worn for prolonged periods
  • Non-claustrophobic and well vented
  • Replacement shields available (does not include clips)
  • Masks, safety goggles, prescription lenses or beard snoods can be worn underneath
  • Splash protection from droplets and small liquid particles
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom


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