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First Time Right at Every Tradeshow

The job of the Marketing Team is mass communication –everything the Team does is seen by thousands of people.  This is how our marketing associate Amber Brothers makes sure we do it First Time Right every time.

What is your role at CONTROLTEK?

I am a Marketing Specialist, so I have the opportunity to work in many parts of the marketing team. My main areas of focus are organizing and managing tradeshows, handling social media and direct marketing for our clients and prospective clients. I also assist with our internal marketing projects, like our employee newsletter.

Amber (left) and the rest of our awesome Marketing Team preparing mailers for a direct mail campaign

How do you deliver First Time Right in your work?

I deliver First Time Right in my work by double checking everything I do, whether it’s packing and shipping out booth supplies for an upcoming tradeshow or scheduling a post on LinkedIn. I make sure that my tasks are completed in a timely manner, knowing that the Marketing Team plays a crucial part in the success of other departments within our organization.

What’s the favorite part of your job?

The favorite part of my job would have to be seeing the results of the Team’s marketing efforts. Hearing positive feedback about the creativity of our mailers or getting a phone call from a prospective client interested in CONTROLTEK solutions makes all the behind-the-scenes work worthwhile. Also, seeing our reach on social media grow is exciting, knowing that every time we post about our team or our solutions, we are creating a bigger footprint in the industry.

What inspires you?

Knowing that both my and my team’s names will be attached to a project, I always want to ensure that the final product is something that the CONTROLTEK team as a whole would be proud of. I am also inspired by my coworkers who push me to learn new things and take on more responsibility.

What’s the number one thing you’d like the world to know about CONTROLTEK?

The number one thing everyone I’d like to know is that CONTROLTEK really does live up to our First Time Right commitment and our motto – “Solutions that Protect. People that Deliver.” Of course, we will never be perfect but with First Time Right we strive to make every interaction with CONTROLTEK a good one. Every team member has the same motivation and vision and they make up the culture of who we are. We are CONTROLTEK and we are proud to serve you.