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First Time Right at Every Order Entry

In the first in the series of conversations with CONTROLTEK employees about how they work towards the First Time Right goal, we chat with Connie Case who has been with our company for 35 years.

What is your role at CONTROLTEK?

I am one of the lucky employees that gets to process orders from our clients. It is very exhilarating to be on the front line and feel the daily pulse of the business. Some of our orders are received via email and some via our online store, which is soon going to be upgraded. I also process some of the orders received via EDI imports and a few from some clients who still phone them in. So I am always busy and the days fly by!

Connie receiving a certificate of appreciation from our chief of sales & marketing, Steve Sell, for helping process a record 48,777 orders in 2017.

How do you deliver First Time Right in your work?

I try not to assume anything when I am processing orders, so sometimes I need to contact a client to make sure I understand what they want. I find it’s worth the extra effort. I also have a quick cross-check to make sure I have processed each order correctly.

You’ve been with CONTROLTEK for 35 years. What has changed since you started and what has stayed the same?

The thing that has changed the most since I started is the fact that technology and efficiency have improved drastically. We didn’t have computers in the beginning, for example, and the orders used to be faxed or phoned. I used to hand-write a lot of order forms back then. The things that have stayed the same are our core values: (1.) integrity, all the time, every time; (2.) approach everything with a can-do attitude; (3.) be passionate, committed, and driven; (4.) deliver open honest and transparent communication; and (5.) eat, sleep and breathe fanatical service.

What’s the favorite part of your job?

I feel rewarded when I have processed all the incoming orders at the end of the day. I like it when our company is appreciated for a job well done. It’s very rewarding when we receive a thank you note from one of our clients.

What inspires you?

Our CONTROLTEK team is awesome! We all work together towards the same goal: First Time Right, and that is very inspiring.

What’s the number one thing you’d like the world to know about CONTROLTEK?

Our very diversified and experienced team is on your side. We are all working together to make your CONTROLTEK experience the best it can be!