Sally Peterson first time right blog

First Time Right at Every Installation

How does one successfully execute hundreds of systems installations across the country and do it First Time Right?  Here is how Sally did it:

What is your role at CONTROLTEK?

I’m a project manager on our Client Solutions Delivery Team. I read prints, determine installation dates, and communicate with general contractors and our client’s store personnel. I arrange technicians to install the equipment and manage the budget of different projects. I determine equipment needs and delivery of equipment. I help with scope of work planning of installation project and manage any issues that may arise on the date of the install. And I close out the job.

Sally (center, holding the plaque) and her team receiving an award from our CEO Rod Diplock for successfully executing the largest EAS systems rollout in the company history.

How do you deliver First Time Right in your work?

I make sure that our technicians know exactly what they are supposed to do on each job, that customers wishes are adhered to, and that the equipment has arrived before we drop boots on every site.

What’s the favorite part of your job?

I enjoy working with a variety of people, from technicians to the customers. They all have different needs, and I like the challenge of learning how to adjust my approach to each personality.

What inspires you?

Knowing that the work I do has positive effects in many different aspects of our clients’ businesses, including improved security and better in-store experience for their shoppers.

What’s the number one thing you’d like the world to know about CONTROLTEK?

We’re truly passionate about the work we do.