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Last year we installed over 1,800 RF systems, becoming the second largest RF company in the U.S. And being number two is just fine with us.

Our overhead is smaller than the number one’s, which means our prices are lower, too. We don’t have many layers of management, so we stay closer to the customer. And since we are not a public company, we don’t focus on Wall Street – we focus on delivering First Time Right™
for you.

After 41 years, we still don’t aim to be number one in size. Instead, we are committed to being number one in reliability, quality and responsiveness. And if you ask our clients, we are already there.

Nationwide Deployment, Service and Support

With thousands of successful system installations over the years (1,800 in 2017 alone), CONTROLTEK has established itself as one of the most reliable systems deployment companies in the U.S. Trusted by retailers large and small, we offer structured delivery, full transparency and nationwide infrastructure. Our First Time Right program boasts 95% success rate, and 81% of service calls are resolved remotely without the need to dispatch a technician to the location.

Cutting-Edge Technology Made Accessible

Through our partnership with Nedap, Europe’s premier manufacturer of EAS and RFID systems, we are able to offer LP technologies that set the benchmark for the ease of use, detection rate, design and analytics. To help you the get the ROI that you expect, we also offer ROI analysis and documentation, associate training and can work directly with your IT department to ensure compliance with your organization’s policies and procedures.

Tablet with hand displaying EAS and RFID security solutions.

High Performing EAS and RFID Tags and Labels

CONTROLTEK offers a wide selection of hard tags and labels for a variety of product protection uses. Our tags and labels distinguish themselves by their high detection rate, ease of use, sturdy construction and budget-friendliness.

World Class Distribution

Our fulfillment center boasts over one million square feet, enabling us to hold in stock more products and to ship them quicker than anyone in the industry. In fact, for many of our customers, we hold in stock several months’ worth of mission-critical items so that we can ship on moment’s notice anywhere in the world. Our Client Services Team is organized around our customers – each organization we serve has a dedicated representative who ensures that orders are fulfilled smoothly and any issues are resolved quickly.

Forklifts drive in a 3PL warehouse to pick up palettes.

Over 40 Year Track Record in Security and Asset Protection

Our founder, Jon Diplock, started our company back in 1976 with an old Volvo truck and a desire to bring to the world the finest in security products. Today CONTROLTEK has presence on three continents; our products are delivered via a state-of-the-art logistics network; and we are relied on by some of the world’s premier retailers, banks and government entities.

What hasn’t changed in the past 40 years are the core values that our company was built upon. Making security the cornerstone of every solution we offer. The commitment to fulfill every promise. The friendliness and care with which our employees treat our customers. And the determination to grow our company in a stable and sustainable way.

Solutions that protect. People that deliver. That was CONTROLTEK back in 1976. And that’s CONTROLTEK today.

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