The World’s First Tag For Small Leather Goods.

Super-slim and sleek, the FlatGuard™ is one of a kind alarming tag for wallets and other small merchandise. It also easily fits inside handbags, suits and jackets without hindering the shopping experience.

The FlatGuard™ features an innovative “dead man switch” which activates the tag’s 95-decibel alarm if a shoplifter tries to remove the tag from the merchandise.

Common Applications
  • Wallets
  • Small leather good
  • Suits
  • Scarves, ties
  • Other versatile uses
Key Benefits
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Unique slim design unobtrusive to shoppers
  • EAS and anti-tamper alarms keep thieves at bay
  • Sturdy construction, high quality ABS plastic
  • RFID option available

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