Let’s Solve Shrink Together

The European manufacturer Nedap makes the best anti-shrink hardware in the world.  And CONTROLTEK provides the most seamless, easy, and cost-effective installation and consulting service in North America.  Then it should be no surprise that more and more American retailers are turning to the Nedap-CONTROLTEK partnership to lower their shrink and simplify their store operations.

Technology That Simply Works

Remarkably easy to use, Nedap’s EAS and RFID systems boast high detection rate, robust analytics and sleek design.  In addition to lowering shrink through a combination of strong performance and visual deterrence, Nedap systems also offer the following bonus features: people counting, remote tuning and easy integration with video and other LP systems.

Installations Done First Time Right™

CONTROLTEK has the highest documentable rate of First Time Right™ performance in the industry.  What this means to you is that your systems will be installed and working fully on the first visit more often than with any of our competitors, thus saving you time, minimizing the impact to the business hours of your stores, and also saving you – money.

Pricing That’s Budget-Friendly

With Nedap-CONTROLTEK partnership you can expect precise, easy-to-understand estimates, with no surprises.  You can also expect people who pick up the phone when you call, and respond to your messages quickly.

Consultations are Free (and Pressure-Free)

Our Professional Services Team offers free consultations for EAS and RFID projects.  Our free services include technology recommendation and price estimates, ROI analysis, and the outline of IT requirements.  If you choose to use us for your next EAS or RFID project – great!  If not, that’s okay, too – you are welcome to use the information we provide you to do the project yourself or with another technology partner.


To discuss your next EAS or RFID project for free and (obligation-free!), please contact our Professional Services Team by filling out the inquiry form below: