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CONTROLTEK Launches Computer Vision Platform for Facial Recognition and Health Compliance Monitoring

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Apr, 23, 2020)CONTROLTEK a leader in retail asset protection and security solutions, announces the release of new enterprise computer vision platform, CMatch AI. Powered by cutting edge, deep learning technology, CMatch AI delivers real-time, precise, reliable, and secure biometric applications critical for solving challenges unique to a wide range of industries including retail and financial institutions.

“CMatch AI is truly a computer vision platform that harnesses the power of video to help retailers and banks identify threats in real time. The platform delivers a variety of applications for facial recognition, health compliance, access control, occupancy verification and behavior analytics,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, CONTROTLEK’s chief strategy officer and chief information security officer. “CMatch AI’s impressive technology exceeds facial recognition performance, accuracy, security standards and flexibility for modifications to help combat the changing times. This has been a long-term project and we’re excited to officially launch it to our industry partners.”

“The CMatch AI technology applications are versatile to help with a variety of challenges businesses are faced with especially with the current climate and focus to keep customers and employees healthy and safe,” said Rubin Press, the vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “The CMatch AI Health Compliance System addresses health safety concerns with the use of state-of-the art sensor technology to allow for non-contact preventative screenings. A variety of applications including thermographic fever scanning, mask compliance detection and highly accurate and definitive counts for occupancy verification, precisely verify whether an individual is safe to enter a facility.”

“We’ve been helping our customers solve their unique business challenges for over 40 years,” said CONTROLTEK CEO, Rod Diplock. “Expanding our solutions offering to include a computer vision platform is another way to add value for our customers and to help them address threats and safety concerns.”

More information about CMatch AI and the health compliance module, along with downloadable data sheets, can be found at CONTROLTEK’s website.