Global Company Solves Your Loss-Prevention Dilemmas

Global Company Solves Your Loss-Prevention Dilemmas

Technology helps beat the odds in girding against insidious drain on profits

Loss prevention, a perennial concern for a host of businesses, has spawned an entire industry.

From digital hacking to employee conduct, the scope is huge. So are the stakes.

For its part, CONTROLTEK, based in Cranford, N.J., has been helping businesses, especially in thwarting theft and minimizing “shrink.”

A traditional practice in retailing is surveillance, typified by store-detective watchfulness. But there are some places in stores – changing rooms and bathrooms among them – where surveillance, including closed-circuit TV, can’t breach the expectation of privacy.

Electronic devices fill the void and have evolved to include a wide range of systems encompassing a great variety of sensors.

Certain methods can be labor-intensive, requiring constant human interaction, but others adopt the applications of technology which are more cost-effective.

The latter area is the focus of CONTROLTEK’s range of products and services.

Whereas loss prevention is generally considered an issue for the retail sector, other kinds of businesses also can benefit from the practices that are proven to work.

If they have sufficient staffing, larger companies have their own loss-prevention unit or they go to external resources.

Technology, though, as CONTROLTEK discovered, provides levels of inventory security without adding measurably to labor costs, which is a big plus for a firm of any size.

In widespread use nowadays is detection known in the industry as EAS, which means electronic article surveillance. Typically it involves tags that set off an alarm if they aren’t deactivated before passing a store’s exit checkpoint.

A subsequent refinement takes the tagging concept a step further. Dubbed “benefit denial,” it mars a purloined garment, for instance, by causing an ink or dye pack within the tag to erupt.

Devices such as these, along with the systems that integrate them into a business’s operations, are among the reasons to call CONTROLTEK for loss-prevention protection.