Guarding Against Losses

Guarding Against Losses

Security packaging aims to foil filchers who’d erode your business

With industries victimized by illegal siphoning of products from the supply chain and a resulting financial drain amounting to billions, there’s an increased urgency and importance surrounding security packaging.

CONTROLTEK, the provider of security packaging with offices in Cranford, N.J., advises that tampering, counterfeiting and substitutions, pilferage, diversion and resale, willful damage, and even shoplifting persist with a vengeance.

Much of modern packaging, an item’s outermost barrier, is designed to thwart these attempts.

Special plastics and seals are among the new materials, as are tracing and tracking devices implanted within any cargo. Another innovation is security printing.

Security printing has evolved into a range of sophisticated techniques. Some can be done with a digital or traditional press, whereas other printing is highly specialized. Moreover, certain temperature-sensitive inks can respond to a finger’s touch.

To inhibit counterfeiting, holograms and specialty labels can assure a product’s authenticity.

Inasmuch as radio frequency identification (RFID) chips are becoming more common for tracking and tracing packages, CONTROLTEK offers this kind of security tagging.

After brands become expensively developed and promoted, counterfeiting is a particular risk that has become equally expensive to deter. And methods employed in protecting a brand have mushroomed into a growth industry unto themselves.