inkpencil garment tag thwarts shoplifters

InkPencil™ Garment Tag Thwarts Shoplifters

Tampering with this security clothing tag breaks its ink canister

Thieves aiming to steal clothing from stores are facing a state-of-the art crime fighter in the battle against retail shoplifting.

The technology comes in the form of a tamper-resistant, anti-theft security tag that releases an ink stain as a deterrent for thieves intending to steal garments.

CONTROLTEK ISS (Inventory Security Solutions) markets their InkPencil™ hard tag that features a strong locking mechanism to prevent it from being removed by just any detacher.

ISS is the ideal source for businesses seeking unique solutions for optimum retail-theft prevention.

The InkPencil is manufactured from high-density ABS plastic – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – for superior durability.

The most important characteristics of ABS are impact resistance and toughness. The lightweight material is widely used in children’s toys, musical instruments and helmets.

Efforts to disable security tags on clothing underscore the ABS advantages of being flame retardant, and both  heat and impact resistant.

The InkPencil is compact in size, has a smooth pin for minimal effects on a garment, and has a built-in ink canister deterrent. It also has superlock strength, is tamper-resistant and is available in two different kinds of alarm frequencies.

Tampering with the InkPencil will cause the ink canister to break, allowing ink to spill onto the garment. This removes the incentive for a thief to steal other garments. Whereas the alarm trigger is still attached to the clothing, a thief is still unable to remove garments from the store. See: /ink-tags/sekura-inkpencil-w-pins/ for more information.