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CONTROLTEK’s New CMatch AI Health for Temperature Detection, Occupancy Verification and Mask Compliance

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (May. 7, 2020) – CONTROLTEK a leader in retail asset protection and security solutions, releases a new Health Compliance module of the CMatch AI computer vision platform providing non-contact preventative screening in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and increased concern for health safety.

“Powered by cutting edge, deep learning technology, the CMatch AI applications are extremely versatile allowing for features to be adjusted to adapt with new challenges,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, CONTROTLEK’s chief strategy officer and chief information security officer.  “The module offers temperature detection, mask compliance, and occupancy verification. We were able to adjust the platform’s thermal feature, originally programmed for early indication of fire, to screen and detect elevated body temperature. Additionally, the mask compliance feature designed to identify a person entering a facility with a mask as a robbery threat, has been adapted to detect a face mask for health compliance.”

Additional features include occupancy verification using facial recognition technology for unique customer counts and access control integration using temperature, mask compliance, or facial recognition as a proxy to precisely verify whether an individual is safe to enter a facility.

“This automation platform eliminates the need for human interaction to verify compliance supporting health safety, reducing labor costs, and providing real-time information,” said Rubin Press, the vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “CMatch AI will help retailers reopen stores safely and streamline compliance with new COVID19 policies, while remaining adaptable for what changes may come with the future.”

The CMatch AI Health Compliance platform is scalable with the ability to operate as a standalone plug-and-play device or as a cloud solution to save information for enterprise-level monitoring. CONTROLTEK’s First Time Right™ systems deployment and professional services simplifies implementation for quick deployment.

For more information about CMatch AI Health Compliance module and CMatch AI computer vision platform, along with downloadable data sheets, visit the CONTROLTEK website.