nordic id and controltek join forces

Nordic ID and CONTROLTEK join forces


We are pleased to announce that Nordic ID and CONTROLTEK have joined forces in North America. CONTROLTEK will start distributing Nordic ID products in the US and Canadian market and collaborate with Nordic ID Inc. and the Nordic ID Headquarters located in Finland.

VP and Sales Director of Nordic ID, Atte Kaskihalme states, “We are very delighted to have CONTROLTEK as a distributing partner in the US market as we are increasing our RFID visibility and product offering continuously also in the USA.  Together we can better serve our joint resellers and customers. Furthermore, Nordic ID can be sure that with the help of CONTROLTEK’s experience in the retail market, Nordic ID will strengthen its position as a provider of innovative RFID products and solutions in retail and logistics RFID business in North America”.

CONTROLTEK has been providing solutions to companies over the last 37 years.  CONTROLTEK is committed to providing companies with products and services that offer high quality and high value at a reasonable cost.  Director of Sales of CONTROLTEK, Rubin Press states, “We are focused on enabling commerce through innovation and always looking to leverage technologies to support our client’s initiatives.  Our goal is to increase efficiencies within our client’s operations to help drive higher profitability through greater visibility.  Nordic Id gives us the technology tools needed to achieve these goals”.

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