RFID Advances in Technology

RFID technology, although fairly new, has made great advances within the past few years. The price of technology is decreasing, along with the prices of hardware and infrastructure. Looking to invest in something that promotes efficiency and will simultaneously protect your assets? Invest in RFID today and immediately begin to improve your business processes.

RFID is becoming more and more popular due to the advantages it has over other manual and barcode processes. Not only have the read ranges and level of accuracy increased within the last few years, tracking is being done faster and with more accuracy in a large number of demanding environments. The concept of “real time” and the ability to merge technological systems so effectively are also to thank for gains in using RFID technology. Real time locating systems, like Wi-Fi, has made this technology immediately available to more industries across the country. Technology is only going to continue to mature and a safe bet can be placed on the ability of RFID to continue to advance and expand its applications in businesses worldwide.

RFID Inventory Management

USA-based CONTROLTEK ISS serves retailers worldwide with theft-protection tagging and RFID tracking technology for RFID inventory management.

In today’s global arena, where retailers face the nonstop threat of internal crooks, shoplifters and sophisticated thieves, the need for cutting-edge security-packaging products and monitoring devices is vital.

Meeting this international need is the development, refinement and implementation of modern-day technologies, such as Radio-frequency identification (RFID). Embraced by New Jersey-headquartered Securotek, the scientific innovation is part of the company’s quest to remain at the forefront of the security-tagging products and services.

As defined by the U.S. government, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprised of two components: Tags and readers.

The reader is a device that has one or more antennas that emit radio waves and receive signals back from the RFID tag. CONTROLTEK ISS provides the advantages of the technology to a variety of industries, such as retail, medical, industrial and transportation.

RFID tags can store a range of information from one serial number to several pages of data. Readers can be mobile so that they can be carried by hand, or they can be mounted on a post or overhead. Reader systems can also be built into the architecture of a cabinet, room, or building.

The RFID technology provided by CONTROLTEK ISS benefits retailers and consumers by easing the process of transactions, whether the purchase is made in a brick-and-mortar store or over the Internet.

This high-tech innovation can assist with security and tracking from the onset of manufacture, when RFID labels are printed and applied, and continue through delivery; stock-control; inventory-taking, and point of sale – where goods are registered at the checkout via RFID plates, and automatically removed from the stock list as a customer exists the shop; any items not registered at the checkout will activate the alarm.

RFID: How It Works

RFID, one of the most modern and interesting forms of technology, is the foundation for CONTROLTEK’s undertaking to be the most ingenious Security Tagging Provider in the world. By providing a link between data capture and storing every stage of business from inventory management to shipping and payment, RFID empowers “commerce through innovation” at your retail stores. From order to stock-take, this advanced identification can be affixed to an object and be used for a variety of applications.

The way in which RFID works is not complicated. The RFID labels are first printed and applied to the products. The application of the RFID plate on the product enables the automatic recording of the delivery of the product when it comes to the retail store. The packing list is printed so that the step of checking manually for the delivery of each product is eliminated. The products are instantly added to the stocklist and all data is updated on the system, which guarantees that the stock management is controlled and up to date.

As each delivery enters the stock room it is registered by the RFID plates. As the inventory moves between the stockroom and the stockfloor, the stocklist continues to be updated. Product groups can be scanned within seconds to measure stocksize and all inventory can be scanned to easily find out if any deliveries are missing or if there are any discrepancies. One of the major benefits of RFID is that the quantity and condition of the inventory delivered can be checked within a very short amount of time. At checkout, the products are registered using the RFID plates and these products are removed from the stocklist as the customer leaves the store, with any goods not registered at checkout activating the alarm. Everything is done instantly and there is no waiting involved.

CONTROLTEK Announces Participation in Upcoming ICCOS Show

Cranford, NJ – November 24, 2014 – CONTROLTEK, a global leader in asset protection and security solutions, today announced its participation in The Cash Cycle Seminar  (ICCOS). CONTROLTEK will be exhibiting its innovative line of security bags for the banking industry in booth #10.

CONTROLTEK’S director of product management, Kris Doane will be presenting at a sponsor breakfast session entitled, “Opportunities with RFID” on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 from 10:45-11:30, Plaza Room 5, 5th floor.



The Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS Americas) which will take place December 8-11, 2014 at the JW Marriot Marquis in Miami, Florida is the premier global seminar for commercial cash management, distribution and circulation. It is a unique event focused on bringing together all the stakeholders in cash circulation to share perspectives, ideas, cost saving technologies, strategies, best practices and case studies. The educational General Sessions are where the delegates share their experiences and knowledge base, peer to peer. An exhibition area featuring our Sponsors’ latest technology and services is open throughout the seminar and Sponsors also conduct focused breakout meetings to share further details on their leading solutions for the industry.


CONTROLTEK is on the forefront of asset protection and security solutions with three divisions laser focused on understanding and servicing client needs: CONTROLTEK ISS (Inventory Security Solutions), CONTROLTEK ISP (Intelligent Security Packaging) and CONTROLTEK IVS (Intelligent Visibility Solutions). From the most advanced tamper evident currency and coin bags in the world, to state-of-the-art retail LP tagging and RFID inventory products, CONTROLTEK’s transformative solutions have a major impact on cost reduction and improved profitability for the many vertical markets it serves. For nearly 40 years CONTROLTEK has been enabling commerce through innovation with a relentless commitment to product development, technology, delivery and customer service. For more information, visit: http//:www.controltekusa.com or call 888.808.6970.

CONTROLTEK attends inaugural SCTA conference

On October 3 – 4, 2013, CONTROLTEK exhibited at the SCTA Conference at the elegant Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago. This was the first annual conference for the newly formed Secure Cash Transportation Association and brought together leading professionals in the vital cash-in-transit and cash servicing industries. Presentations covered the state of CIT operations and cash management including a featured presentation from keynote speaker Frank Abagnale, one of the world’s most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement, and secure documents.


Nordic ID and CONTROLTEK join forces


We are pleased to announce that Nordic ID and CONTROLTEK have joined forces in North America. CONTROLTEK will start distributing Nordic ID products in the US and Canadian market and collaborate with Nordic ID Inc. and the Nordic ID Headquarters located in Finland.

VP and Sales Director of Nordic ID, Atte Kaskihalme states, “We are very delighted to have CONTROLTEK as a distributing partner in the US market as we are increasing our RFID visibility and product offering continuously also in the USA.  Together we can better serve our joint resellers and customers. Furthermore, Nordic ID can be sure that with the help of CONTROLTEK’s experience in the retail market, Nordic ID will strengthen its position as a provider of innovative RFID products and solutions in retail and logistics RFID business in North America”.

CONTROLTEK has been providing solutions to companies over the last 37 years.  CONTROLTEK is committed to providing companies with products and services that offer high quality and high value at a reasonable cost.  Director of Sales of CONTROLTEK, Rubin Press states, “We are focused on enabling commerce through innovation and always looking to leverage technologies to support our client’s initiatives.  Our goal is to increase efficiencies within our client’s operations to help drive higher profitability through greater visibility.  Nordic Id gives us the technology tools needed to achieve these goals”.

For more information on Nordic ID products go to nordicid.com.

CONTROLTEK is going to NRF loss prevention

Visit us at Booth #513 at the NRF Loss Prevention Conference and Expo in San Diego on June 12-14. We will be exhibiting some of the new security innovations that will help you protect your assets and valuables. Find us on the Floor Map – we’re right by the Golf Booth. So stop by and play a round or two!


CONTROLTEK is going to ICCOS Americas

Come visit us at ICCOS Americas in Miami on September 16-19. As a key player in cash management security, CONTROLTEK will be displaying the most recent developments in “intelligent security packaging”.

ICCOS has grown to be the premier global seminar for commercial cash management, distribution and circulation. It is a unique event focused on bringing together all the stakeholders in cash circulation to share perspectives, ideas, cost saving technologies, strategies, best practices and case studies.


CONTROLTEK is growing – new location!

Due to continued expansion and growth, CONTROLTEK has relocated its Midwest operations to a larger facility in Warren, MI. Currently located in Royal Oak, MI, the operation has moved into a more efficient layout that has been designed to increase the output and provide faster turnaround for our customers. CONTROLTEK’s strategic location here in Michigan, coupled with locations in New Jersey and California, enables quick delivery of security packaging to all of North America.


CONTROLTEK is going global!

CONTROLTEK is an American based global company specializing in unique security packaging and security solutions and services for businesses such as banks, armored couriers (CIT), and retailers. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions over the last three years and an aggressive growth strategy, they have increased in size and are committed to setting up offices in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. As a result of this CONTROLTEK is looking to situate their Australasian operations initially in Sydney with a 6,000 square meter ‘Grade A’ facility and is inviting interested parties to provide proposals for the provision of the space on a 7-10 year lease terms with options to extend. Interested parties are welcomed  to also provide a proposal for the design and project management of the fit-out of the new CONTROLTEK facility, in either a design/tender/build or traditional separate architect/project manager approach. CONTROLTEK is open to either of these options for the fit-out. It is anticipated a rollout of offices will continue in Auckland, Kaula Lumpur, and Perth over the following year(s).