CONTROLTEK Appoints New Director of Product Management

Leader in Asset Protection and Visibility Strengthens EAS/RFID Expertise Cranford, NJ – November 19, 2014 – CONTROLTEK USA ( announced today that Kris Doane has joined the company to further develop their growing portfolio of EAS/RFID inventory systems. Kris comes with a wealth of experience within the industry, having spent the last 10 years working with numerous retailers across the globe planning, developing, and deploying their technology programs with a particular focus on RFID. Previously, Kris also managed cross functional software development teams in China and the US.

How to Ship Bulk Coin With Peace of Mind

Tough plastic deposit and transfer bags withstand transit handling How do you transport 50 pounds of quarters? Or dimes? Or nickels? With a very strong, see-through, tamper-resistant plastic money deposit bag. But not just any bag will do. The movement of coin from one location to another is such an important undertaking that it has […]

Retailers Gear Up For Holiday Season With Loss-Prevention Solutions

With the 2014 holiday season fast approaching, retailers are embracing larger inventories with hopes of increased sales. At the same time, stores are focusing on ways to protect their assets by putting their focus on potential losses due to internal loss, shoplifting and other thefts. ISS (Inventory Security Solutions), a division of CONTROLTEK, provides the […]

Are You Prepared For Seasonal Money-Bag Demand?

Retailers’ increased cash volume warrants buying additional bank deposit bags in advance of holiday season With projections that back-to-school spending will show a 13 percent increase over last year, retailers are optimistic about their remaining 2014 autumn-to-winter cash flows and holiday spending. CONTROLTEK ISP (Intelligent Security Packaging), a leading provider of retail deposit bags for handling currency, […]

Benefits of RFID in Theft Protection

Statistics are showing that the rate of retail theft is steadily increasing, therefore security tagging is becoming not only important, but also essential, for retailers everywhere. CONTROLTEK is the North American distributor of RFID technology, one of the most modern technologies that provide leading retailers with protection against theft and loss, including a lot more […]

InkPencil™ Garment Tag Thwarts Shoplifters

Tampering with this security clothing tag breaks its ink canister Thieves aiming to steal clothing from stores are facing a state-of-the art crime fighter in the battle against retail shoplifting. The technology comes in the form of a tamper-resistant, anti-theft security tag that releases an ink stain as a deterrent for thieves intending to steal […]

Modern Currency Bags Thwart Thieves, Help Banks and Retail Stores Guard Against Loss

New benchmark in handling mixed deposits and cash-transfer shipments  Money deposit bags developed by security experts are a major component of loss prevention. The patented TripLok® brand of currency security bags from CONTROLTEK ISP (Intelligent Security Packaging) in Cranford, N.J. has sophisticated anti-tampering and closure features. ISP is one of three divisions of parent company […]

RFID Advances in Technology

RFID technology, although fairly new, has made great advances within the past few years. The price of technology is decreasing, along with the prices of hardware and infrastructure. Looking to invest in something that promotes efficiency and will simultaneously protect your assets? Invest in RFID today and immediately begin to improve your business processes. RFID […]

RFID Inventory Management

USA-based CONTROLTEK ISS serves retailers worldwide with theft-protection tagging and RFID tracking technology for RFID inventory management. In today’s global arena, where retailers face the nonstop threat of internal crooks, shoplifters and sophisticated thieves, the need for cutting-edge security-packaging products and monitoring devices is vital. Meeting this international need is the development, refinement and implementation of […]

RFID: How It Works

RFID, one of the most modern and interesting forms of technology, is the foundation for CONTROLTEK’s undertaking to be the most ingenious Security Tagging Provider in the world. By providing a link between data capture and storing every stage of business from inventory management to shipping and payment, RFID empowers “commerce through innovation” at your […]