retailers gear up for hilday season with loss prevention

Retailers Gear Up For Holiday Season With Loss-Prevention Solutions

With the 2014 holiday season fast approaching, retailers are embracing larger inventories with hopes of increased sales. At the same time, stores are focusing on ways to protect their assets by putting their focus on potential losses due to internal loss, shoplifting and other thefts.

ISS (Inventory Security Solutions), a division of CONTROLTEK, provides the retail industry with the help it needs to protect their inventory through electronic means and a variety of sensible tagging solutions, such as security tags – and accessories that make removing security tags a barrier for thieves, while a convenience for retailers.

Solutions range from different types of standard Electronic Article Surveillance EAS tags,to even more secure self- alarming tags, and more.

Business operators are protecting their inventories with ISS products that utilize the latest advances in such technologies including EAS Systems, including solutions for acousto-magnetic (AM), Radio Frequency (RF) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).