Omni SAM+RF - Retail EAS System


One System. All Technologies. Any Tag.

  • State-of-the-art AM and RF Technologies combined in one platform with ability to upgrade to RFID
  • Equal high detection rate on both AM and RF technology hard and soft tags
  • Allows you to use both AM tags and RF tags to ensure you have the best tag options to protect your assets
  • Custom designed and manufactured in Europe utilizing high quality materials
  • Easy to use dashboard for on-site management
  • Quick and simple synchronization and tuning
  • Remote maintenance and adjustment over IP
  • Multimode transmitter synchronization with Sync-on-command
  • Multiple band tuning capability
  • Optional IR managed internal people counter
  • Dual relay alarm outputs for external triggering
  • Network connection and I/O port for connecting to surveillance video or other LP systems.
  • 5 year warranty option: 2 years parts and labor + 3 additional years on parts only (w/ remote connectivity).

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