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Counterfeit Money Detection Equipment

Counterfeit Money Detection Equipment

Businesses in every industry are under the constant threat of receiving counterfeit money in exchange for goods and services. As you know, the government will not exchange counterfeit bills for real ones, and any losses associated with counterfeit currency must be written off as a loss due to theft. According to data compiled by the United States Department of Treasury, roughly $70 million in counterfeit bills are in circulation within the country. Protecting your bottom line means investing with a counterfeit money detection equipment company manufacturing the latest technology in detecting false bills. CONTROLTEK is known throughout the business world as the industry’s leading developer of counterfeit money detection technology, and offers a variety of products to help businesses improve their security.

money under magnify glass

Counterfeit Money Detection by CONTROLTEK

CONTROLTEK offers counterfeit money detection equipment for organizations that handle both large amounts of cash such as vaulted content, as well as smaller amounts of currency. Our solutions enable us to help our clients improve their counterfeit money detection operations, and we offer monetary counterfeit detection products for companies that are new to this security arm and are looking to learn more as they protect their bottom line. The majority of counterfeit bills made in America are $20 notes, and most counterfeiting rings in Europe produce $100 notes. Being able to keep these bills out of your internal circulation is critical to your company’s security and growth, so we offer counterfeit money detector pens and machines that help to weed out any unlawful notes.

Currency Authenticator Machines

CONTROLTEK understands that currency authenticator machines need to be easy to use and reliable, and that’s why we created the UVerifEYE Currency Authenticator for organizations handling large or small amounts of money. Many of our customers ask, how do currency authenticator machines work? Fake note detection is possible thanks to amplifier and comparator, UV LED, and photodiode technology. UV rays are transmitted by a UV LED source. If the currency is authentic that the note’s material will absorb a certain amount of the UV rays, and if the note is counterfeit then the UV rays will reflect up to the photodiode. Counterfeiters are not able to produce notes that can fool this technology, and when you call CONTROLTEK to learn more about the UVerifEYE Currency Authenticator, we can recommend how many units to purchase based on the amount of cash movement that come sin and goes out of your facilities.

The Best Counterfeit Detection Pen is the D-TEK

Organizations that handle smaller amounts of cash, or that have point of sales locations, will invest in a reliable counterfeit detection pen to place at every location where cash is received. The best counterfeit detection pen will contain an iodine solution that reacts with the starch molecules contained in the standard wood-based paper, leaving a dark brown smudge–a clear sign that the bill is a counterfeit. The linen and cotton fibers in actual currency will not react with the iodine solution, and therefore no visual change will occur on the note.

There are certain visual cues one can take away from holding bills up to the light in order to determine if they are real or fake. However, this places a great deal of strain on employees, and the repetitive action causes fatigue and as a result human error is common. Using a counterfeit detection pen is a fast, reliable way to search for fake notes while protecting your organization’s reputation and profitability.

Invest in the Best Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Currency counter cleaning cards by CONTROLTEK have a patented design that cleans all surfaces around the rollers and belts, as well as the note recognition lenses in order to remove debris and particles enabling machine accuracy. One form of internal theft that companies face is when employees tamper with currency counters to mask the true number of bills being counted. This can be done by sprinkling fine lead particles from pencil shavings, or other similar types of debris. By regularly running currency counter cleaning cards through your equipment, you can significantly reduce this security threat, while simultaneously improving accuracy and productivity.

Counterfeit Money Detection Equipment by CONTROLTEK Should be Part of Your Security Strategy

Whether you manage a bank or a retail environment, investing in counterfeit money detection equipment like currency authenticator machines, a counterfeit detection pen for employees that handle cash, and currency counter cleaning cards will help to protect your bottom line, help you maintain a positive reputation, extend the life of your equipment, and aid in hitting your revenue goals by minimizing losses. Call CONTROLTEK today, and our team will assist you in selecting the best solution for your business needs.

Whether you are handling large amounts of cash in the vault or smaller amounts at the teller station, CONTROLTEK has a solution for counterfeit money detection. If your organization has trouble with counterfeit money detection or wants to learn how to tell if a $100 bill is real, our machines and counterfeit money detecting pens also known as  fake money pens are the best solution. Here are just some of our most popular products we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to source it for you.

UVerifEYE Currency Authenticator

A cost-effective method to counterfeit detection, this ultraviolet lamp detects UV security threads and watermarks on currency, credit cards, drivers’ licenses and other important documents. Also comes equipped with a magnetic head to detect magnetic ink security features.

D-TEK Counterfeit Detector Pen

Accurate and affordable, the D-TEK counterfeit detector pen is the classic screening tool as your first line of defense before moving on with other methods of counterfeit detection.

Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Designed to clean the feed rollers and bill paths of today’s high-speed currency counters, this product removes dirt and debris caused from normal use and extends your equipment’s lifetime.

Custom Security Packaging Solutions

Custom Security Packaging Solutions

CONTROLTEK currently stocks over 70 different types of security bags. If your specific needs require a unique bag we don’t currently have, we can custom-design a solution for you.

Flexibility in Size, Colors, Printing, Security Features and Strength

CONTROLTEK’s custom cash, coin and bundle bags can be made of clear or opaque material, with a choice of colors (black and white being the most popular). We can print your custom graphics on the bags, including your logo and any special verbiage you require. Further customizations can include a specific size, number of pockets and the level of security (tamper-evident features) that best suit your needs. We can also offer different thicknesses (strengths) of plastic depending on your particular application. For all custom projects, please note that a minimum quantity applies.

Assortment of coin bags, security bags, cash bags, and security packaging laid out on a white background.

Custom Fulfillment Plans

Whether you purchase cash and coin bags by the pallet or need a partner who can directly ship to hundreds of individual locations for you at a pre-defined frequency, CONTROLTEK can help. We supply banks and retail chains of varying sizes and have many flexible fulfillment options. Our distribution center near Chicago boasts over half a million square feet, enabling us quick and efficient way to ship any quantity of bags anywhere in the country.

Reporting and Usage Monitoring

To help you run your operations smoothly while staying on budget, CONTROLTEK offers several reporting options that can include quarterly account review and customized online portal. With the quarterly review, your CONTROLTEK representative can offer usage analysis and help you forecast optimal quantities and order frequency. With a customized online portal, you can run reports yourself whenever you need to, place orders, track shipments and assign different levels of access to your staff.

Dedicated Representative

Fanatical service is one of our key commitments to our clients. That’s why we assign you a dedicated representative who will know you by name, and whom you contact directly any time you have a question or request.

Quality Guarantee

Exceeding client expectations in product quality is how we have become a top supplier of cash bags, coin bags and bundle bags in the U.S. All our bags are guaranteed to perform as promised or your money back: if at any time you receive a product that does not meet your approval, we will issue you a refund or replace the product with no hesitation.

Industry Solutions

Retail Cash Security

The Best Cash Handling Procedures Retail Stores Perform Include Cash Bags

When it comes to loss prevention, having the right retail cash bags in your money-handling process will improve revenue management and save your company a great degree of time and money. In the retail industry “cash handling” is a common item that’s always being talked about. All levels of the business, from the individual store employee all the way up to corporate C-suite members, everyone knows the value of efficient and effective money management and cash handling.

Heap of hundred Dollar Bills

In the world of retail, it is easier for money handling to slip through the cracks, compared to other industries such as banking. CONTROLTEK understands the needs that concise with retail cash handling, and for more than 40 years we have been helping our clients understand the biggest challenges in the world of retail, and have responded as the leading company designing the best cash bags for retailers that enable retail brands to streamline their internal processes, better secure cash, allow quicker processing for your bank, and prevent internal or external tampering.

Tamper Evident Bags Used in Cash Handling Procedures Prevent Theft, and Should Be Easy for Employees to Use

According to statistics, 95% of retail businesses experience small cash theft and the average business loses thousands of dollars every year. In fact, three out of four retail employees admitted to stealing cash from their employer, and 30% of these cases carry on for more than five years. Tamper evident bags for retail stores help detour would-be thieves, and play a huge impact on improving cash handling procedures and improving revenue loss prevention.

Hand pressing electronic cash register in a shop

CONTROLTEK has designed a number of tamper evident cash bags for retail stores. To date, the most popular retail cash bags would be the SafeLOK cash bag, which provides an ideal balance between ease of use and security–two critical things to have when employees are still in the training process. The technology behind this bag makes it easy for new employees to use while offering our patented security features that alert to a theft attempt. The SafeLOK retail cash bag has our own Press2Lok technology that makes the bag easy for employees to open and close, once they are taught how to handle the product.

What Features Should Retailers Look for in Tamper Evident Bags for Cash?

There are several features retailers must demand in a cash bag, and CONTROLTEK included them all when they designed the SafeLOK cash bag. First of all, retail cash bags should have a simple press-to-seal closure system that makes cash handling a cinch for store employees.

As for alerting team members to tampering, the best retail cash bags use high-visibility void messaging alerts with cold temperature changes to the bag, or with chemicals. Bags should change colors when exposed to high heat. Thieves are able to open cash bags by exposing them to extreme heat, unless the bags are high-quality such as the ones produced by CONTROLTEK. For example, thermochromic ink in the bags turns red when exposed to heat.

Effective retail cash bags should also prevent thieves from cut-and-replace tampering. SafeLok offers printed line graphics on cash bags in a random printed pattern, making cut-and-replace tampering impossible not to notice by store employees. In addition, retail cash bags should have large barcodes and serial numbers for tracking efforts using CCTV, and have an anti-static liner that won’t cling to one’s hands or clothing, which speeds up internal efficiency with money handling. Finally, a good security border on retail cash bags will prevent cutting and resealing.

These are the features to look for in tamper evident bags for effective and efficient cash handling procedures retail managers and leadership teams should look for.

Cash Handling Procedures Retail Stores Should Incorporate Include Bags for Checks and Deposit Slips

One great way to speed up your bank’s processing pace and therefore making your finds available without a long wait is to invest in tamper evident cash bags that have separate pockets for deposit slips and checks. Human error by your make increases when cash is mixed in the checks and deposit slips. This is why CONTROLTEK designed the SafeLok VT (Vertical Twin)–a cash bag for retailers that has all of the same features as the SafeLok but with an added pocket for checks and deposit slips.

Female hand with money in supermarket shop

Large Tamper Evident Bags for Retailers with Cash Bundle Transportation Needs

Some retailers, especially large retail chains, will use an armored service to transport cash. That’s why CONTROLTEK designed the PermaLOK bundle bag. This tamper evident bag is ideal to securely hold large amounts of cash that get transported. The robust, side-welded construction helps to ensure that the bags won’t rip in transport. Furthermore, the hot melt technology lends an adhesive that prevents one from tampering with the cash bag, and bags have an optional gusset feature. These bags are cost-effective and are ideal for drop safe applications.

Call CONTROLTEK for the Best Tamper Evident Cash Bags for Retailers

More people are getting vaccinated against COVID, and the average number of in-store customers has more than tripled in the last month. Now is the time to invest in high-quality tamper evident cash bags for retailers, given the new hires you are likely to bring on, and the increase in business that will come along with the rapid influx of shoppers. Call CONTROLTEK today, and learn about our various tamper evident bags for retailers. We have cash bags to meet all needs, from the PermaLok bag for cash bundles that require armored services, to the robust SafeLok bags that help reduce and stop small cash theft, CONTROLTEK has the right products for your retail needs.


The Cash Bag Retailers Love the Most.

Providing a perfect balance of security and ease of use, SafeLOK is the ideal cash bag for retailers where quick training of new employees is important. Our patented security features alert to attempted theft, while our Press2Lok technology makes using the bag easy for your associates.

  1. Press2Lok closure – simply press to seal
  2. High-visibility void message alerts you to tampering with cold or chemicals
  3. Special thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat
  4. Random printed line graphics prevent cut-and-replace tampering
  5. Anti-static liner does not cling to hands and clothes, speeding up processing
  6. Choice of high-performance white or clear film
  7. Large serial numbers and barcodes for easy tracking via CCTV
  8. Security border and micro printing prevent cutting and resealing


Security of the SafeLOK With the Convenience of an Extra Pocket

SafeLOK VT (Vertical Twin) offers the same security and ease of use of our ever-popular SafeLOK while adding one more pocket for checks and deposit slips. Separating cash from checks can mean quicker processing by your bank, and quicker funds availability for you.

  1. Press2Lok closure – simply press to seal
  2. High-visibility void message alerts you to tampering with cold or chemicals
  3. Special thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat
  4. Random printed line graphics prevent cut-and-replace tampering
  5. Anti-static liner does not cling to hands and clothes, speeding up processing
  6. Extra pocket for checks and deposit slips
  7. Large serial numbers and barcodes for easy tracking via CCTV
  8. Security border and micro printing prevent cutting and resealing


The Easy-to-Use Bundle Bag

PermaLOK is a cost-effective solution for all your bundling needs. Designed to fit many different strapping configurations, PermaLOK can help improve the efficiency of your vault and keep your cash better organized for transport.

  1. Side-weld construction
  2. Hot melt technology
  3. Gusset or no gusset option
  4. Cost effective and easy to use
  5. Perfect for drop safe applications

A Security and Operational Supplies

Tamper Evident Security Seals and Security Labels for Retail Stores

Retail theft is a serious problem faced by retail chains, superstores and grocery stores throughout the country. The National Retail Federation states that more than 45 billion dollars are lost every year due to inventory shrinkage. Shoplifting, internal theft, organized retail crime and fraud can have devastating effects on a retail store’s profit margins, and can also create a toxic work environment  for employees and leave customers with a negative shopping experience.

young owner of clothes shop at entrance of commercial activity

CONTROLTEK offers proactive strategies for identifying, tracking and combating retail crime. While we are known primarily for our core products, tamper evident security seals and security labels are, unfortunately, often overlooked by retail management security and management teams, but they are much-needed. Retailers recognize that CONTROLTEK is the best company offering security seals and security labels for retail stores, and we always evolve our products to keep current with modern technology and national inventory shrinkage data, ensuring we offer our clients the best products and value within the landscape of retail security products.

What Types of Tamper Evident Security Seals are Available to Retailers?

Tamper evident security seals, such as our j-Lok Pull 8’’ Pull-tight Seals are important anti-theft products that come with a built-in tear-off feature requiring no tools or special training for removal, and they have a small strap diameter making them ideal for machines with smaller sealing apertures. These seals are used in a wide variety of retail applications, as well as C-TPAT and logistic circumstances. Our tamper evident security seals come in a variety of colors that include white, yellow, blue, green and red allowing team members to use them for coding and organizational purposes. Furthermore, each one is numbered and has a barcode to meet a wide variety of needs, and they come in a number of styles.

Another popular type of tamper evident security seals designed by CONTROLTEK is the m-Lok Padlock Seal. These seals are numbered tamper evident security seals, in the padlock design, and meet the rigorous standards and approval of the U.S. Customs. Each m-Lok Padlock Seal has durable metal hasps allowing it to withstand any abuse that might occur in transit, and it is water-resistant giving it an extra layer of security. Each of these tamper evident security seals come with the option of barcoding, and they are individually numbered.

When it comes to tamper evident security seals for protecting cash being transported to and from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), CONTROLTEK has designed the ArrowLok ATM Cassette Seals. Our ATM security seals attach very easily and quickly while deterring theft. These ATM security products are ideal for any setting where ATMs are operated. These tamper evident security seals for ATM use work quite simply, yet they are highly effective at preventing theft. The ArrowLok ATM Cassette Seals are a single piece made from heavy duty plastic where the capsule is affixed to a locking anchor by a durable thread. When the capsule is under pressure and the anchor is inserted, one cannot remove it without leaving a clear sign that the device was tampered with.

If you are looking for tamper evident security seals that are extremely durable and adjustable, our all metal construction cable seals are likely your best option. Each seal has a visible number that can’t be missed, along with a noticeable barcode for fast, simple detection. The cable is very easy to use and can be adjusted to fit a broad range of sizes.

These are only a few of the tamper evident security seals designed by CONTROLTEK. We have a number of types to fit any need, and our team of experts are standing by to help you choose the best security seals to meet your needs.

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What are Security Labels?

There are many retail management teams that have yet to hear about security labels. In fact, many wonder how something as seemingly simple as a label can help deter theft. A security label is a type of sticker label that serves the purpose of improving a product’s security when it is applied. Security labels can act as a visual deterrent, and they can be used to trace and track an item’s location. Security labels can also be used to help prevent counterfeiting, and it also serves the purpose of proving that it (and therefore the product) has not been tampered with, as one can easily tell by looking at a security label if someone attempted to remove it.

CONTROLTEK’S tamper evident security labels have a number of retail uses, but they are also used by ATM machine operators and at gas stations. CONTROLTEK takes security labels to the next level; these tamper evident security products reveal a specialized void message when tampered with or removed. The majority of our clients that invest in our tamper evident security labels use them for file cabinets, drawers, ATM cassettes, fuel pumps, electronic equipment (like POS credit card machines), and other uses that span a broad range of industries. These security labels can be used on virtually any surface including, wood, metal, plastic, glass, and paper. Our security labels offer exceptional tracking with sequential barcodes and numbers that aid in making your internal team more efficient with their daily operations.

Security Seals, Security Labels and More

In addition to our core product offerings, CONTROLTEK also provides the much-needed but often overlooked security and operational supplies. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact your CONTROLTEK representative and we will be happy to source it for you.

Security Seals

CONTROLTEK offers security seals for multiple retail, logistic and C-TPAT applications.

Our security seals can be used anywhere, from the pharmacy department, to fire exits, to delivery trucks. We offer a broad range of different styles, materials and colors to meet your specific needs.

Security Labels

Used widely by gas stations and ATM machine operators, CONTROLTEK’s tamper-evident security labels have found a number of retail uses.

Our enhanced performance, tamper-evident label shows a unique void message when removed or tampered with. These labels can be used on ATM cassettes, drawers, file cabinets, electronic equipment (such as credit card machines at POS), fuel pumps and more. Our labels can be used on most surfaces including metal, glass, wood, plastic and paper, and they include sequential numbers and barcodes for tracking.

Counterfeit Detection

Reduce the chance of receiving counterfeit currency with one of many detection solutions from CONTROLTEK.

We provide many different levels of counterfeit detection solutions, from simple and cost-effective pens to more robust ultraviolet machines designed for high throughput.

The ShrinkBuster Mini

ShrinkBuster Mini


Small Package. Big Punch.

The ShrinkBuster Mini’s small design does not compromise on its high pick rate.

Common Applications
  • Apparel
  • Outerware
  • Footwear
  • Sporting Goods
  • Other versatile uses
Key Benefits
  • Highest detection rate in our arsenal
  • AM, RF, or RFID options
  • Light and unobtrusive to shoppers
  • Easy to apply and remove saving your employees time
  • Optional lanyard expands its uses

Retail Solutions