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“Invisible” Design with Proven AM Technology

  • Concealed AM system installed inside door frame
  • High detection of hard tags and labels
  • Dual relay alarm outputs for external triggering
  • Optional IP-managed remote maintenance and tuning
  • Optional jamming detection with distinct alarm
  • Energy efficient


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Low-Profile Design with Proven AM Technology

  • Slim-profile, door mounted AM system
  • High detection of hard tags and labels
  • Oscilloscope function to view ambient noise environment
  • Dual relay alarm outputs for external triggering
  • Optional IP-managed internal people counter, remote maintenance and tuning
  • Optional jamming detection with distinct alarm
  • Energy efficient


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LP Systems Deployment

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Last year we introduced more anti-shrink solutions than anyone else. And thanks to our First Time Right™ approach, we also delivered them to our clients faster than anyone thought possible.

97.2% of EAS and RFID Installations Fully Completed on the Very First Visit

Our promise is simple: every EAS or RFID system installation we do must be done on time, correctly, and approved by our retail partner the very first time.

In 2017 we achieved this goal 95% of the time, and in 2018 our success rate is 97.2%. We know because we document every single installation, and to be rated as First Time Right™ each one has to be signed off as such by our customer.

Man walking through the front doors of a retail store using RFID or EAS anti-theft devices.
Customer service agent, with 3 others in the background, smiling while speaking to a customer on his headset.

Transparency is One of Our Core Values

With our Client Data Repository Portal you see everything we see. With one simple login you can check on the status of each store: location map, site survey, installation date, equipment delivered and installed, technician’s time of arrival and departure, and before and after photos. You have full visibility to the project so there are no surprises.

Scalable Nationwide Infrastructure for Deployments of Any Size

Our smallest project to date has been one location; the largest – 1,800 stores in nine months. And what we pride ourselves on is our consistency in delivery and quality. All processes and documentation are systematized, including scope of work preparation, planning, diagrams, contact lists, support lists, as wells as training and quality control. Our ultimate goal is that when we finish installing at multiple locations, you can’t tell one store from the other. High quality, high consistency, everywhere.

Entrance to a retail store that is using 2 ceiling-mounted RFID systems to prevent theft.
Women’s retail entrance utilizing 2 SAM2 EAS systems which are anti-theft devices.

Personal Service for a Long-Term Partnership

When you call our toll-free number, a real human being answers within 4 seconds. We don’t automated “phone trees” and will never get one.

With every project, you will have a dedicated project manager who knows every detail of what’s being done and when. Your team members can always speak to the same person. If there is a problem, our executives are easily accessible. Even our CEO answers his own phone.

We are committed to building a long-term relationships, which is why some of the nation’s largest retailers, banks and armored couriers have relied on us for decades.

Got an EAS or RFID Project in the Works?

Contact us today and discover how our First Time Right™ approach can make is quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

VuTeur Asset Protection

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Manage Emergency Situations Better, Protect Your Assets More Efficiently and Gain New Insight Into Shopper Behavior With VuTeur

VuTeur provides retailers a coordinated communication network for all routine and threat-based situations. VuTeur provides real-time notification on an emergency situation, including who the person(s) involved are and their location so that retailers’ emergency management teams can make the best decisions on how to limit the threat and help save lives.

Track retail shopper traffic and gain insight with real time data

VuTeur captures, analyzes and maintains robust data sets on behalf of retailers. Using VuTeur analytics suite, your organization can gain insights to customer behavior never before available.

  • Heat mapping
  • Mobile reporting & alerting
  • Fully documented historical records
  • Chronological history

Track and protect mobile POS devices in real time

With VuTeur you can identify and track all hardware assets on the IT infrastructure to provide comprehensive inventory visibility.

  • Eliminate equipment loss due to theft
  • Store and review asset information
  • Identify and track location of assets 24 hours a day
  • Receive zone-based alerts
  • Quickly and easily create custom zones
  • Run inventory reports

Generate mass communications to store personnel for emergency preparedness

Administrators and first responders can manage key events together through VuTeur’s timeline of communications to help save lives. This coordinated emergency management communications network helps bring emergency situations to a close faster, with fewer losses.

  • Real-time alerts via SMS, chat or email
  • Direct users to best routes for safety
  • Send “silent” alerts
  • Identify missing or wounded
  • Provide remote access to law enforcement
  • Quickly locate people in buildings

Tack in-store activity after hours for “stay-ins”, robberies or internal theft

Create zones and watchlist, and leverage RTLS monitoring to create a custom layer of security for your facility. When combined with other security systems, such as video surveillance or access control, VuTeur can help you increase security at almost any facility.

  • Facility zones
  • Mobile registration
  • Zone alerts
  • VuTeur can use your existing radio frequency (RF) technologies

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Get the Most Out of Your EAS and RFID Systems With CONTROLCARE™

  • Support Services

    CONTROLCARE™ suite of support services is designed to ensure optimal performance of your EAS and RFID systems, including select models from other manufacturers.  We offer:

    • Preventive maintenance reviews
    • System installation integrity and safety checks
    • System performance optimization
    • EAS program surveys and evaluations
  • Network-Certified Technicians

    CONTROLTEK’s network-certified technicians can quickly repair your EAS and RFID systems, getting them back online in no time:

    • On-site analysis and repairs
    • AM, RF, RFID products covered
    • Consultative client engagement, helping you avoid unnecessary repair costs
  • Remote Diagnosis

    Not all repairs require a technician visit.  In many instances, CONTROLTEK’s technicians can diagnose and even correct the problem with your EAS and RFID systems remotely, saving you time and money.  We offer:

    • Connected device management
    • RemoteTEK™ service support available on one-time or ongoing basis
  • Full System Potential

    Are your employees taking full advantage of all the capabilities of your EAS and RFID systems?  CONTROLTEK can help you ensure better compliance and better ROI on your anti-theft tools with:

    • EAS and RFID compliance assessments
    • Customized program audits and appraisals
    • Diagnostic measurements and reports

    • At-your-service approach, with quick response to your inquiries and clear communication
    • Competitive rates and accurate estimates
    • “First Time Right” mentality in all installation and maintenance tasks
    • Commitment to the long-term partnership and full support of your shrink management program

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People counting solution for fitting rooms

  • Bi-directional counting of traffic (in and out)
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Battery-operated; no need for wiring
  • Up to 2 years battery life
  • Sturdy ABS construction
  • 1 year warranty


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Discourages shoplifters from attempting EAS tag removal in fitting rooms

  • Red LED light blinks every two seconds
  • Clearly visible warning message
  • Battery-operated; no need for wiring
  • Heavy duty ABS construction
  • Deterrent solution only
  • 1 year warranty


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Detects magnet detachers and catches the shoplifters in the act.

  • Highly effective at detecting magnetic detachers in fitting rooms
  • The alarm allows the store personnel to stop theft before the shoplifter tries to flee
  • Simple installation and operation
  • API for easy integration with EAS (RF or AM)
  • Can be tuned for different types of detachers


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Detects booster bags and stops shoplifters before they can make their move.

  • Highly effective at detecting booster bags at the entrance
  • The alarm discourages shoplifters from even attempting theft
  • Proven at over 100,000 retail locations worldwide
  • Available as a standalone pedestal or as an add-on to an EAS system
  • API for easy integration with EAS (RF or AM)
  • Proprietary algorithm prevents false alarms from shopping carts and moving doors


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Strength of Aluminum With Proven Electronics of the SAM1 System

  • Easy to use dashboard for on-site management
  • Network connection and I/O port for connecting to surveillance video or other LP systems
  • Built-in AM jamming detector
  • Remote tuning and management
  • Made in Europe out of high quality materials
  • Available options: people counter, remote management, metal detection and AM jamming detection
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor standard.
  • 5 year warranty optional.