Proven RF System With a 6’ Detection Range

  • State-of-the-art 8.2MHz Radio Frequency Technology
  • Custom designed and manufactured in Europe utilizing high quality materials
  • Sound and LED alarms
  • High Detection rate on hard tags and labels
  • Advanced features include adaptive sensitivity adjustment, people counting (optional)
  • Remote maintenance and adjustment over IP
  • LED backlit ad panel (optional)
  • Remote maintenance and adjustment (optional)
  • Open API for simple integration with other LP systems
  • Dual relay alarm outputs for external triggering
  • RFID upgradeable
  • 5 year warranty option: 2 years parts and labor + 3 additional years on parts only (w/ remote connectivity).

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Canada Retail Solutions

High Visual Deterrence, Low Price


Visual Deterrence Like No Other.

InkGuard™ has two surprises for shoplifters: the benefit-denying ink and built-in EAS.

Common Applications
  • Denim
  • Apparel
  • Designer wear
  • Sportswear
  • Coats and outerwear
Key Benefits
  • Ink for strong visual deterrence and benefit denial
  • EAS incorporated for added protection
  • Light & unobtrusive
  • Easy to apply & remove


Smaller Size. Just as Loud and Proud.

Padlock™ Mini uses a speaker and LED light to deter thieves and two alarms to fight shoplifting and tampering, all in a small tag that can be used with a range of products.

Common Applications
  • Handbags and luggage
  • Footwear
  • Belts, accessories
  • Coats and outerwear
  • Hardware
Key Benefits
  • EAS alarm and anti-tamper alarm
  • Dual AM and RF technologies
  • Replaceable lanyard for easy length adjustment
  • Speaker grill & LED
  • Easy to apply and remove

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Nordic ID HH85

Nordic ID HH85

The Toughest Member of the Android Family

The Nordic ID HH85 builds on an IP65 and 1.6-meter drop tested frame. The ergonomic pistol grip design is easy to hold even when wearing gloves. The battery gives you up to 18 hours of continuous operation while using one of the largest displays in the industry.

Key Benefits
  • Market leading state-of-the-art UHF RFID performance
  • Future proof your data collection with this powerful industrial level RAIN RFID performance
  • Protect your investment thanks to its superior ruggedness
  • Unique combination of large display and ergonomic pistol grip
  • Ergonomic design focused on comfortable use
  • Operates 18 hours on a single charge
  • Android operating system for easy application development
  • Fully integrated to Nordic ID solutions
  • Product number: 515566
  • Dimensions: 8.4” H x 3.4/2.8” W x 5.3/1.1” D
  • Weight: 22.65 oz
  • Typical reading speed: Up to 1000 tags/s
  • RFID: Nordic ID NUR2-1W reader module
  • CPU: Octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 1.8GHz
  • Operating system: Android 9
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB flash, MicroSD slot with support for SDXC cards
  • Software controllable antenna polarizations (vertical, horizontal or vertical/horizontal switching)
  • Reading range up to 15 m / 50 ft

Service and Support
  • Free support during and after 2-year warranty time
  • Maintenance service and extended maintenance contract
  • Software customization and development support
  • Technology, product and integration training
  • Technology and project consultation
  • Project management services
Software Development Environment
  • Android Studio, Visual Studio

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Virtual Site Survey

Virtual Site Surveys

To better serve our customers, we’ve taken our LP Professional Services and customized our approach to be on location; without being on location!


Our team of retail and technology experts know how to make a new Loss Prevention solution work in the retail environment. Our Professional Services team is with our customers every step of the way to help ensure the planning process is as smooth as possible.

How Does a CONTROLTEK Virtual Survey Work?

  1. A meeting with a CONTROLTEK representative is arranged to assess the store location(s), understand shrink challenges, and discuss loss prevention solutions and recommendations.
  2. We then set up an appointment for a video conference with a CONTROLTEK Professional Services representative to guide the discussion and assess the store’s installation environment.
  3. We analyze all the data gathered and produce a proposal, including estimated hardware and installation costs for further review and discussion.

Benefits of a Virtual Site Survey

  • Unwavering Quality

    Our virtual site survey is just as effective as a live on-site survey. Virtual surveys provide the same accuracy and services, the only difference is the CONTROLTEK Representative is interacting via a video portal rather than traveling to the physical store location.

  • Convenience & Speed

    Conducting virtual surveys via a video chat platform (Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime, etc…) reduces the time and cost to travel to each store. It also reduces the time to gather information for our proposal allowing us to provide a prompt estimate, with discussion points.

  • Commitment to Safety

    By meeting virtually, we continue to help our customers prepare their stores with loss prevention solutions without any potential risk to the health and safety of our customers or employees.

  • Personal Service for a Long-Term Partnership

    Our First Time Right™ approach makes the process quick and easy. A dedicated project manager is assigned to our customer who knows every detail of what’s going on with the project for successful implementation of the new loss prevention solution.

Common Reasons for a Virtual Site Survey

In the current situation where health and safety are of high concern, a virtual survey is the preferred method of service. Other reasons for virtual surveys include stores where a key customer contact needs to be on location and schedule coordination delays the on-site planning visit or a large-scale deployment requires prompt assessments across many locations.

With the help of CONTROLTEK’s Professional Services team you do not have to wait to begin examining your loss prevention solution options.

Interested in a Virtual Site Survey?

Start the process today by contacting CONTROLTEK to schedule a virtual site survey and discuss how we can help you meet loss prevention needs.



“Invisible” In-Floor System with Proven AM Technology

  • Below floor “invisible” system for shoplifting protection
  • Suitable for wide entry applications
  • Audible alarm feature for notification of detection events
  • Networking capability for remote diagnostics and tuning
  • Energy efficient system
  • 5 year warranty option: 2 years parts and labor + 3 additional years on parts only (w/ remote connectivity).


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Proven AM System With a 9’ Detection Range

  • Easy to use dashboard for on-site management
  • Network connection and I/O port for connecting to surveillance video or other LP systems
  • Built-in AM jamming detector
  • Remote tuning and management
  • Made in Europe out of high quality materials
  • Available options: people counter, remote management, metal detection and AM jamming detection
  • 5 year warranty option: 2 years parts and labor + 3 additional years on parts only (w/ remote connectivity).


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Halt Slim

Halt Slim

Uncompromising Strength. Versatile Protection.

The Halt Slim™ provides strong visual deterrence using a steel shackle and a classic padlock design.

Common Applications
  • Sporting goods
  • Hardware
  • Outerwear
  • Denim
  • Other versatile uses
Key Benefits
  • Narrow steel shackle for versatile use
  • Push-to-release feature for added protection
  • Easy application and removal
  • More economical than alarming tags
  • Available in standard, super, and hyper lock



The EAS Tag With Built-In Retractable Pin.

The PinSafe’s retractable pin provides all the benefits of a traditional EAS tag while reducing employee injuries and the number of lost pins.

Common Applications
  • Denim & other apparel
  • Outerwear
  • Footwear
  • Sporting Goods
  • Other versatile uses
Key Benefits
  • Reduces employee injuries
  • No more lost pins!
  • One-hand application and removal
  • Extremely tough and durable




Versatile Tag to Protect Eyewear

The OptiTag’s versatile design allows it to fit different sizes of glasses without preventing customer try-on.

Common Applications
  • Eyewear
Key Benefits
  • Fits different sizes of glasses
  • Strong visual deterrence
  • Easy application and removal
  • Eliminates product lockdowns
  • Available in standard, super, and hyper lock