Strong Protection. Fast Checkout.

With its zip tie design, the QuickBottle™ is extremely tamper resistant and can be used for bottles of any size.

Common Applications
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Oil
  • Other bottled products
Key Benefits
  • Extremely tamper resistant with a strong visual deterrence
  • Eliminates product lock down
  • Easy to apply & remove saving time



The Round, All-Around Solution.

The SecuRing is a flexible solution with a design that can perfectly fit any cylindrical merchandise.

Common Applications
  • Baby formula
  • Cans
  • Jars
  • Hardware
  • Merchandise with handles
  • Other cylindrical merchandise
Key Benefits
  • Opens completely and tightens easily for perfect fit
  • Streamlined design saves shelf space
  • Flexible, yet tamper-resistant
  • Silicone liner protects merchandise and labels
  • Multiple diameters available

QuickBottle Plus

QuickBottle Plus

Metal Construction. Fast Checkout.

The metal construction of the QuickBottle Plus makes it extremely tamper resistant and can be used for bottles of any size.

Common Applications
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Oil
  • Other bottled products
Key Benefits
  • Metal construction for exceptional tamper resistance
  • Thicker ring makes cutting extremely difficult
  • Flexible diameter fits different bottles (25mm – 40mm)
  • Easy one-hand application and removal
  • Streamlined construction saves shelf space
  • Color-coding for different price ranges




With the Name Like That It Needs No Introduction.

The ShrinkBuster™ has a surprisingly high pick rate and is available with an RFID option.

Common Applications
  • Apparel
  • Outerwear
  • Footwear
  • Sporting Goods
  • Other versatile uses
Key Benefits
  • Highest detection rate in our arsenal
  • Light & unobtrusive to shoppers
  • Easy to apply & remove saving time
  • Optional lanyard expands its uses
  • RFID available

Retail Solutions

Magnet Detection

Magnet and Metal Detection

Booster Bag Detection: Hyperguard

Detects booster bags and stops shoplifters before they can make their move.

Since 1999, over 100,000 Hyperguard devices have been deployed by retail chains worldwide to detect booster bags used by habitual thieves. This proven solution, patented and made by our partners at Alert Systems in Denmark, not only successfully detects foil-lined bags used in shoplifting, but thanks to its advanced algorithms it virtually eliminates false alarms from moving doors or shopping carts.

Hyperguard is available as a standalone pedestal, or it can be integrated into an EAS system, adjusting itself automatically to either AM or RF EAS environment.

Hyperguard uses Cat5e cables for easy installation, and can push power from the controller to up to 11 antennas.  The hardware is made in Europe of high quality materials.

What’s a booster bag?

A booster bag is a shopping bag lined with tin foil, used by shoplifters to steal merchandise without getting detected by the store’s anti-theft (EAS) systems. The shoplifter brings the bag into the store, and fills it with merchandise. The merchandise often has anti-theft tags attached to it somewhere that would normally get detected by the anti-theft antennas at the store entrance, triggering an alarm. But the tin foil lining blocks the signal from the antennas, allowing the shoplifter to carry out the theft unnoticed. Hyperguard prevents this scenario by detecting the booster bag itself as soon as the would-be thief walks into the store.

Magnet Detection: Apparelguard

Detects metal detachers and catches the shoplifters in the act.

Apparelguard uses a patented double-detection system to alert store staff that an illegal detacher is present in the store. Typically installed in the fitting rooms, the Apparelguard senses magnetic motion coming from an EAS tag being removed by the shoplifter, giving the store staff an opportunity to prevent the theft while the merchandise is still in the fitting room, far from the store exit.

Small EAS security box mounted to the wall of a fitting room.

Apparelguard is easy to install and maintain, and its software allows for tuning to different types of magnetic detachers, providing wide protection.  It uses 3 dry relay contacts as alarm outputs, for light, sound, pager or CCTV. Additionally, API integration with an existing EAS controller is also available.

Apparelguard uses Cat5e cables for easy installation, and can push power from the controller to up to 11 antennas.  The hardware is made in Europe of high quality materials.

How are magnets used in shoplifting?

Retailers that use EAS (anti-theft) tags on their merchandise, need to remove them at the register when an honest shopper completes the purchase. Typically, a specialty magnetic detacher is used for this purpose, which the retailer gets from their security technology partner, like CONTROLTEK. Thieves sometimes obtain these detachers by stealing them or by buying them from irresponsible sellers. Armed with a detacher, a shoplifter can remove the security tags while in the store, then walk out without triggering the anti-theft alarm at the door. The Apparelguard can prevent this problem by detecting the illegal magnets in the fitting rooms, where the shoplifters usually try to remove tags.

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LP Professional Services

LP Professional Services

We want to make our customers’ lives easier. We have assembled a team of retail and technology experts who know how to make a new loss prevention solution work in the retail environment. To better serve our customers, we now offer Virtual Site Surveys for examining the best loss prevention solution for your store, virtually!

Working With Your IT Department

Nothing can slow down the deployment of new loss prevention services like the IT approval processes. Fortunately, our technology and retail veterans have been through the process many times before, and can help in filling out the documents, risk assessment and threat analysis. We speak the same language as your IT department and can work with them side-by-side to assist in the deployment of your new loss prevention solution so that you can concentrate on your work and not worry about the technical side of things.

retail store 4

ROI Analysis and Documentation

To help you win the approval and budget in the boardroom, we use industry data to help create an ROI argument for your new loss prevention solution. Through use cases and ROI calculations, we can help your organization understand how the investment will impact the bottom line in expected and often unexpected ways: from lower shrink, to better inventory management, merchandise availability and the resulting sales lift and customer retention.

During the deployment, our Professional Services team is with you every step of the way to help ensure that the process is as smooth as possible and that you receive the ROI you expect.

Loss Prevention Training of Your Associates

CONTROLTEK knows that one of the keys to a successful adoption of a new loss prevention service is training. We work directly with your LP/AP team or training department to develop retail loss prevention training materials on proper application and removal of tags, use of systems and any other solutions. Our Professional Services team is ready to help throughout the process with videos, cheat sheets and webinars, and they are available to answer questions as they come up.

Security and Operational Supplies

In addition to our core product offerings, CONTROLTEK also provides the much-needed but often overlooked security and operational supplies. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact your CONTROLTEK representative and we will be happy to source it for you.

Security Labels

Enhanced performance, tamper-evident label seal. Shows a unique void message when removed or tampered with. Can be used on ATM cassettes, drawers, file cabinets, electronic equipment, more. Suited for use on most surfaces including metal, glass, wood, plastic and paper. Sequential numbers and barcodes for tracking. Handy dispenser box.

Security Tape

Tamper evident box sealing tape with highly aggressive adhesive contains a hidden void message which reads “OPENED” when removed or tampered with.

Retail Cash Security

The Best Cash Handling Procedures Retail Stores Perform Include Cash Bags

When it comes to loss prevention, having the right retail cash bags in your money-handling process will improve revenue management and save your company a great degree of time and money. In the retail industry “cash handling” is a common item that’s always being talked about. All levels of the business, from the individual store employee all the way up to corporate C-suite members, everyone knows the value of efficient and effective money management and cash handling.

Heap of hundred Dollar Bills

In the world of retail, it is easier for money handling to slip through the cracks, compared to other industries such as banking. CONTROLTEK understands the needs that concise with retail cash handling, and for more than 40 years we have been helping our clients understand the biggest challenges in the world of retail, and have responded as the leading company designing the best cash bags for retailers that enable retail brands to streamline their internal processes, better secure cash, allow quicker processing for your bank, and prevent internal or external tampering.

Tamper Evident Bags Used in Cash Handling Procedures Prevent Theft, and Should Be Easy for Employees to Use

According to statistics, 95% of retail businesses experience small cash theft and the average business loses thousands of dollars every year. In fact, three out of four retail employees admitted to stealing cash from their employer, and 30% of these cases carry on for more than five years. Tamper evident bags for retail stores help detour would-be thieves, and play a huge impact on improving cash handling procedures and improving revenue loss prevention.

Hand pressing electronic cash register in a shop

CONTROLTEK has designed a number of tamper evident cash bags for retail stores. To date, the most popular retail cash bags would be the SafeLOK cash bag, which provides an ideal balance between ease of use and security–two critical things to have when employees are still in the training process. The technology behind this bag makes it easy for new employees to use while offering our patented security features that alert to a theft attempt. The SafeLOK retail cash bag has our own Press2Lok technology that makes the bag easy for employees to open and close, once they are taught how to handle the product.

What Features Should Retailers Look for in Tamper Evident Bags for Cash?

There are several features retailers must demand in a cash bag, and CONTROLTEK included them all when they designed the SafeLOK cash bag. First of all, retail cash bags should have a simple press-to-seal closure system that makes cash handling a cinch for store employees.

As for alerting team members to tampering, the best retail cash bags use high-visibility void messaging alerts with cold temperature changes to the bag, or with chemicals. Bags should change colors when exposed to high heat. Thieves are able to open cash bags by exposing them to extreme heat, unless the bags are high-quality such as the ones produced by CONTROLTEK. For example, thermochromic ink in the bags turns red when exposed to heat.

Effective retail cash bags should also prevent thieves from cut-and-replace tampering. SafeLok offers printed line graphics on cash bags in a random printed pattern, making cut-and-replace tampering impossible not to notice by store employees. In addition, retail cash bags should have large barcodes and serial numbers for tracking efforts using CCTV, and have an anti-static liner that won’t cling to one’s hands or clothing, which speeds up internal efficiency with money handling. Finally, a good security border on retail cash bags will prevent cutting and resealing.

These are the features to look for in tamper evident bags for effective and efficient cash handling procedures retail managers and leadership teams should look for.

Cash Handling Procedures Retail Stores Should Incorporate Include Bags for Checks and Deposit Slips

One great way to speed up your bank’s processing pace and therefore making your finds available without a long wait is to invest in tamper evident cash bags that have separate pockets for deposit slips and checks. Human error by your make increases when cash is mixed in the checks and deposit slips. This is why CONTROLTEK designed the SafeLok VT (Vertical Twin)–a cash bag for retailers that has all of the same features as the SafeLok but with an added pocket for checks and deposit slips.

Female hand with money in supermarket shop

Large Tamper Evident Bags for Retailers with Cash Bundle Transportation Needs

Some retailers, especially large retail chains, will use an armored service to transport cash. That’s why CONTROLTEK designed the PermaLOK bundle bag. This tamper evident bag is ideal to securely hold large amounts of cash that get transported. The robust, side-welded construction helps to ensure that the bags won’t rip in transport. Furthermore, the hot melt technology lends an adhesive that prevents one from tampering with the cash bag, and bags have an optional gusset feature. These bags are cost-effective and are ideal for drop safe applications.

Call CONTROLTEK for the Best Tamper Evident Cash Bags for Retailers

More people are getting vaccinated against COVID, and the average number of in-store customers has more than tripled in the last month. Now is the time to invest in high-quality tamper evident cash bags for retailers, given the new hires you are likely to bring on, and the increase in business that will come along with the rapid influx of shoppers. Call CONTROLTEK today, and learn about our various tamper evident bags for retailers. We have cash bags to meet all needs, from the PermaLok bag for cash bundles that require armored services, to the robust SafeLok bags that help reduce and stop small cash theft, CONTROLTEK has the right products for your retail needs.


The Cash Bag Retailers Love the Most.

Providing a perfect balance of security and ease of use, SafeLOK is the ideal cash bag for retailers where quick training of new employees is important. Our patented security features alert to attempted theft, while our Press2Lok technology makes using the bag easy for your associates.

  1. Press2Lok closure – simply press to seal
  2. High-visibility void message alerts you to tampering with cold or chemicals
  3. Special thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat
  4. Random printed line graphics prevent cut-and-replace tampering
  5. Anti-static liner does not cling to hands and clothes, speeding up processing
  6. Choice of high-performance white or clear film
  7. Large serial numbers and barcodes for easy tracking via CCTV
  8. Security border and micro printing prevent cutting and resealing


Security of the SafeLOK With the Convenience of an Extra Pocket

SafeLOK VT (Vertical Twin) offers the same security and ease of use of our ever-popular SafeLOK while adding one more pocket for checks and deposit slips. Separating cash from checks can mean quicker processing by your bank, and quicker funds availability for you.

  1. Press2Lok closure – simply press to seal
  2. High-visibility void message alerts you to tampering with cold or chemicals
  3. Special thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat
  4. Random printed line graphics prevent cut-and-replace tampering
  5. Anti-static liner does not cling to hands and clothes, speeding up processing
  6. Extra pocket for checks and deposit slips
  7. Large serial numbers and barcodes for easy tracking via CCTV
  8. Security border and micro printing prevent cutting and resealing


The Easy-to-Use Bundle Bag

PermaLOK is a cost-effective solution for all your bundling needs. Designed to fit many different strapping configurations, PermaLOK can help improve the efficiency of your vault and keep your cash better organized for transport.

  1. Side-weld construction
  2. Hot melt technology
  3. Gusset or no gusset option
  4. Cost effective and easy to use
  5. Perfect for drop safe applications