Get the Most Out of Your EAS and RFID Systems With ControlCare™

  • Support Services

    CONTROLCARE™ suite of support services is designed to ensure optimal performance of your EAS and RFID systems, including select models from other manufacturers.  We offer:

    • Preventive maintenance reviews
    • System installation integrity and safety checks
    • System performance optimization
    • EAS program surveys and evaluations
  • Network-Certified Technicians

    CONTROLTEK’s network-certified technicians can quickly repair your EAS and RFID systems, getting them back online in no time:

    • On-site analysis and repairs
    • AM, RF, RFID products covered
    • Consultative client engagement, helping you avoid unnecessary repair costs
  • Remote Diagnosis

    Not all repairs require a technician visit.  In many instances, CONTROLTEK’s technicians can diagnose and even correct the problem with your EAS and RFID systems remotely, saving you time and money.  We offer:

    • Connected device management
    • RemoteTEK™ service support available on one-time or ongoing basis
  • Full System Potential

    Are your employees taking full advantage of all the capabilities of your EAS and RFID systems?  CONTROLTEK can help you ensure better compliance and better ROI on your anti-theft tools with:

    • EAS and RFID compliance assessments
    • Customized program audits and appraisals
    • Diagnostic measurements and reports

    • At-your-service approach, with quick response to your inquiries and clear communication
    • Competitive rates and accurate estimates
    • “First Time Right” mentality in all installation and maintenance tasks
    • Commitment to the long-term partnership and full support of your shrink management program

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