EAS & RFID Systems

Tagging products with electronic article surveillance and radio frequency identification tags and labels is one of the most robust and feasible retail security solutions. Of course, these tags require EAS and RFID systems at the exits to work effectively.

At CONTROLTEK, we provide a broad range of retail store anti-theft devices. Our catalog including EAS-AM, EAS-RF and RFID systems. These devices can help catch shoplifters in the act and discourage would-be thieves from attempting to take items.

We also provide solutions for fitting rooms and other special situations. Our goal is to make your loss prevention efforts easier and more effective.

AM Systems

AM EAS system with a 6-foot detection radius.

Proven AM System With a 6’ Detection Range

AM EAS system used to catch shoplifters and prevent theft.

Strength of Aluminum With Proven Electronics of the SAM1 System

AM EAS system with a slim, low-profile design.

Low-Profile Design with Proven AM Technology

Door frame with concealed AM EAS anti-theft technology.

“Invisible” Design with Proven AM Technology

RF Systems

RFID scanner with a five-foot detection radius.

State-of-the-Art EAS System With 5’ Detection Range

Intelligent Loss Prevention System with Colored LED Lights and Speakers

RFID security system with an eight-foot radius.

8’ Detection Range and Easily Upgradable to RFID

EAS system that incorporates RFID technology.

Advanced EAS System That Incorporates RFID

RFID Systems

Ceiling-mounted RFID system with a modern and sleek design.

Ceiling-Mounted RFID System With an Elegant, Unobtrusive Design

EAS system that incorporates RFID technology.

Advanced EAS System That Incorporates RFID

Fitting Room and Other Solutions

EAS security system detects booster bags and discourages shoplifters.

Detects booster bags and stops shoplifters before they can make their move.

Fitting room magnet detector catches shoplifters in the act.

Detects magnet detachers and catches the shoplifters in the act.

Fitting room security system used to discourage shoplifters from removing EAS tags.

Discourages shoplifters from attempting EAS tag removal in fitting rooms

A retail traffic counter to be used for loss prevention and anti-theft.

People counting solution for fitting rooms