EAS & RFID Tags & Labels

CONTROLTEK offers many EAS and RFID tags and labels to meet your retail asset protection needs. Our EAS tags and labels are compatible with both RF and AM systems, and many of our products can be converted to RFID tags and labels as well.

Performance Line

Security tag with easy application and removal features for employees.

Proven protection for: apparel, outerwear, footwear, sporting goods

Smaller size security tag solution for apparel, outerwear, and footwear.

Great solution for: apparel, outerwear, footwear, sporting goods

Small security tag best used for lingerie & delicates, and belts.

Perfect tag for: lingerie & delicates, sportswear, belts, footwear

Security tag with built in ink as well as EAS detection.

Protects: denim, apparel, designer wear, sportswear, coats and outerwear

Slim alarming tag that has EAS & anti-tamper alarms.

Designed especially for: wallets, small leather goods, suits, scarves, ties

Security tag with speaker and LED lights to notify when tampered with.

Reduces shrink in: handbags & luggage, footwear, belts, coats

Security tag with steel shackle for maximum strength.

Performs well on: sporting goods, hardware, outerwear, denim

Steel reinforced security tag for visual deterrence.

Repels shoplifters of: footwear, luggage, sporting goods, hardware

Security tag specifically designed for eyewear.

Keeps your eyewear safe

Value Line

Small & light security tag with high versitility.

Perfect tag for: lingerie & delicates, sportswear, hats, gloves, belts

Security tag with lanyard attachment for strong performance.

Nicely fits: footwear, light apparel, sportswear, belts, accessories

Grey, mini security tag in 2 pieces.

Nicely fits: jewelry, accessories, lingerie & delicates

Small security tag with a clamp rather than a pin.

Performs well on: Shoes and boots, leather goods, waterproof items

Food and Drug Line

Security tag that clamps without piercing through a product.

Protects: leather goods, waterproof items, vacuum-sealed food

4 circular security tags in the colors orange, green, red, and black.

Proven protection for: wine, spirits, oil

Great solution for: wine, spirits, oil

Round security tag with silicone lining.

Works great for: baby formula, cans, jars

Circular security tag with plastic cap used to protect beverages from being open.

Reduces shrink in: wine, spirits, oil

Security tag with adjustable lanyard used for bottled products.

Designed especially for: wine, spirits, oil

Clear plastic bottle cap protector used to prevent bottles from being open.

Protects: wine, spirits, oil

A roll of bright yellow RFID warning labels.

High Performance EAS & RFID Labels

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