RFID Tags and EAS Tags

Retail business teams need effective security and theft solutions to help combat shoplifting. Equipping products with electronic article surveillance and radio frequency identification tags is an effective loss prevention option that is ideal for the retail environment. These tags require EAS Systems and RFID systems at the exits to work effectively.

Performance Line

Security tag with easy application and removal features for employees.

Proven protection for: apparel, outerwear, footwear, sporting goods

Smaller size security tag solution for apparel, outerwear, and footwear.

Great solution for: apparel, outerwear, footwear, sporting goods

Small security tag best used for lingerie & delicates, and belts.

Perfect tag for: lingerie & delicates, sportswear, belts, footwear

Security tag with built in ink as well as EAS detection.

Protects: denim, apparel, designer wear, sportswear, coats and outerwear

Side view of open PinSafe security tag

Proven protection for: Denim & other apparel, outerwear, footwear, sporting goods

large and small Boxer EAS security tags

Repels shoplifters from boxed merchandise

surface tag

Keeps your boxed merchandise safe

Slim alarming tag that has EAS & anti-tamper alarms.

Designed especially for: wallets, small leather goods, suits, scarves, ties

Security tag with speaker and LED lights to notify when tampered with.

Reduces shrink in: handbags & luggage, footwear, belts, coats

A black security tag with lanyard

Proven protection for: handbags & luggage, footwear, belts, coats

Dualtech Padlock

Protects: handbags & luggage, footwear, coats, hardware

halt 01

Great solution for: sporting goods, hardware, outerwear

Halt Slim security EAS tag

Performs well on: sporting goods, hardware, outerwear, denim

Black security tag with a steel-reinforced cable

Repels shoplifters of: footwear, luggage, sporting goods, hardware

Black security tags used to protect eyewear.

Keeps your eyewear safe

optitag 01

Proven protection for eyewear

gripper baseball 01

Designed especially for baseball bats and other sporting goods

grigger golf 01

Designed especially for golf clubs and other sporting goods

gripper g2 01

Designed especially for sporting goods and other versatile uses

Value Line

Small and light ivory security tag used for delicate items.

Perfect tag for: lingerie & delicates, sportswear, hats, gloves, belts

Small ivory security tag with lanyard attachment.

Great solution for: footwear, light apparel, sportswear, belts, accessories

Gray, mini security tag

Nicely fits: jewelry, accessories, lingerie & delicates

minilite lanyard 01

Protects: jewelry, accessories, lingerie & delicates

Gray security tag with clamp attachment and not a pin attachment.

Performs well on: Shoes and boots, leather goods, waterproof items

Food and Drug Line

blistag 01

Perfect tag for: merchandise in blister packaging, knives, cosmetics, electronics

Open lack clamp style security tag best used for items that you don’t want to pierce.

Protects: leather goods, waterproof items, vacuum-sealed food

4 circular security attachments, 1 orange, 1 green, 1 red, and 1 black that are all tamper resistant.

Proven protection for: wine, spirits, oil

QuickBottle Plus EAS security tag

Great solution for: wine, spirits, oil

Round security tag with silicone lining.

Works great for: baby formula, cans, jars

Circular security tag with plastic cap used to protect beverages from being open.

Reduces shrink in: wine, spirits, oil

Security tag with adjustable lanyard used for bottled products.

Designed especially for: wine, spirits, oil

Clear plastic bottle cap protector used to prevent bottles from being open.

Protects: wine, spirits, oil

A roll of bright yellow RFID warning labels.

High Performance EAS & RFID Labels

There are many options provided by CONTROLTEK, a company that makes RFID tags and EAS tags or labels and to meet your asset protection needs. We have options for sporting goods, footwear, eyewear, apparel and many other product types.

Our EAS tags and labels are compatible with both RF and AM systems. Many of our products can work with RFID systems as well.

A flatlay of a folded men’s blue button down shirt, denim jeans, and brown leather shoes all tagged with clothing security tags.

What are EAS Tags and How do They Work?

Most people in the world of retail surveillance and security know what EAS tags are, but a good number of people don’t know the finer details. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a term used for theft prevention in retail stores, and in libraries. A wide variety of items can have EAS tags affixed to them, and there are multiple form factor types available. The most common ones are pins that go through the item that are usually attached on to the product’s tags with a looping wire.

In each of these types, all products utilize an EAS security tag upon arrival at the store where they need to be deactivated as soon as the respected item is purchased. Stores that utilize EAS tags have gate readers at entry/exit points with a generated field around the area to detect EAS transponder signals that haven’t been deactivated.

Finding the Right EAS and RFID Tags

When looking for EAS tags and RFID tags, there are different options retailers can invest in. CONTROLTEK offers effective security solutions that help prevent shoplifting for apparel, shrink wrapped items, sporting goods, eyewear, footwear and a plethora of other products. These EAS tags and RFID tags are compatible with AM and RF systems, and some work with RFID technology. For example, the SHRINKBUSTER and SHRINKBUSTER MINI offer ironclad anti-theft protection for sporting goods, outerwear, apparel, and footwear. CONTROLTEK has a wide ranging line of RFID tags and EAS tags, and of the entire roster the SHRINKBUSTER boasts the highest detection rate making it a prime choice for retailers across the country. The SHRINKBUSTER has a number of other benefits that include lightweight yet durable construction that doesn’t interfere with a shopper’s ability to try the item on. It also saves employees a great deal of time at checkout, as it is easy to both remove and apply, it has an optional lanyard for expanded uses, and comes with an option for RFID.

RFID Tags for Delicates

According to loss prevention statistics, 1 in 11 people located in the US are shoplifters. And more than 80 percent of the time adult shoplifters target delicates such as eyewear, lingerie, belts, hats, gloves, wallets, scarves, and footwear because the items are small in size making them easy to hide, and they are high-end when it comes to retail / monetary value. Thankfully, retail brands are able to invest in special RFID tags designed for unique items such as these, through the innovations to come out of CONTROLTEK. One of the best-selling RFID tags for smaller, delicate items is the SLIMGUARD, which also works on AM and RF. This RFID tag can be used with a lanyard or a pin, despite its slip profile it is very robust and durable, and it is extremely versatile.

2 AM EAS systems placed on both sides of a store’s entrance

EAS Tags with Ink as a Deterrent

One way to simply discourage shoplifters from stealing apparel is to apply an EAS tag with ink designed to explode the contents all over the garment when one tampers with the tag. The INKGUARD is ready to put shoplifters in their place with two powerful components: the internal ink that’s designed to explode upon tampering, and the EAS technology ready to stop thieves dead in their tracks.

Retailers turn to CONTROLTEK for this EAS tag to secure products such as designer wear, denim, coats, outerwear, sportswear, apparel, designer handbags and more. The visual deterrence with this EAS tag is highly effective, as all it takes is a glance and shoplifters know exactly what will happen if they attempt to remove the tag, making the item they are considering stealing worthless to them.

Padlock RFID Tags, Anti Theft Devices for Retail Stores

Padlock RFID tags are popular choices for managers and leadership teams seeking anti theft devices for retail stores who want to safeguard luggage, bags, and handbags. In addition, high-quality padlock style RFID tags also help prevent the loss of goods such as accessories, footwear, hardware, belts, and outerwear. CONTROLTEK offers the PADLOCK, one of the leading products in their array of anti theft devices for retail stores, and one designed using the padlock functionality.

PADLOCK is widely invested in because it has dual RFID/EAS available options, anti-tamper alarms to keep shoplifters at bay, and it boasts a speaker grill and LED for visual deterrence. The PADLOCK RFID tag by CONTROLTEK is also small and lightweight so that it doesn’t impose on the shopper’s experience, and it is easy for employees to remove. Finally, brands have the choice to invest in three different variations of the PADLOCK: a 1 alarm model, dual alarm, triple alarm, or as a visual deterrent.

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We have only scratched the surface; CONTROLTEK offers many more RFID tag and EAS tag designs, constructed as the best solution to specific retailer needs. Empower your loss prevention and choose from our wide arsenal of the best retail security tags in the industry.

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