Performance Line

Proven protection for: apparel, outerwear, footwear, sporting goods


Great solution for: apparel, outerwear, footwear, sporting goods

Perfect tag for: lingerie & delicates, sportswear, belts, footwear

Protects: denim, apparel, designer wear, sportswear, coats and outerwear

Designed especially for: wallets, small leather goods, suits, scarves, ties

Reduces shrink in: handbags & luggage, footwear, belts, coats

Performs well on: sporting goods, hardware, outerwear, denim

Repels shoplifters of: footwear, luggage, sporting goods, hardware

Keeps your eyewear safe

Value Line

Perfect tag for: lingerie & delicates, sportswear, hats, gloves, belts

Nicely fits: footwear, light apparel, sportswear, belts, accessories

Nicely fits: jewelry, accessories, lingerie & delicates

Performs well on: Shoes and boots, leather goods, waterproof items

Food and Drug Line

Protects: leather goods, waterproof items, vacuum-sealed food

Proven protection for: wine, spirits, oil

Great solution for: wine, spirits, oil

Works great for: baby formula, cans, jars

Reduces shrink in: wine, spirits, oil

Designed especially for: wine, spirits, oil

Protects: wine, spirits, oil

High Performance EAS & RFID Labels