LP Systems Deployment

Our nimble, quick-to-listen and quick-to-act approach to our work sets CONTROLTEK apart from the massive organizations in the inventory protection industry.  This differentiation is displayed in our CONTROLCare™ Support Services which are tailored to meet installation and service requirements of organizations of any size.

Structured Delivery

In order to ensure consistency and uniformity of every installation, CONTROLTEK uses centralized scheduling and program management. Our project managers ensure on-time delivery of materials to each work site, coordinate with your store staff, manage field technicians and provide updates to the centralized project management system. All our field technicians are network-certified, and understand not just hardware installation, but network connectivity and common IT protocols as well.

Over 1,800 EAS and RFID systems deployed in 2017.

Full Transparency

With our Client Data Repository Portal you see everything we see. With one simple login you can check on the status of each store: location map, site survey, installation date, equipment delivered and installed, technician’s time of arrival and departure, and before and after photos. You have full visibility to the project so there are no surprises.

95% of installations completed on first visit

(First Time Right Program).

Robust Infrastructure

In order to ensure scalability, we have built an infrastructure that can support roll-outs of any size. Our smallest project to date has been one location; the largest – 1,800 stores in nine months. And what we pride ourselves on is our consistency in delivery and quality. All processes and documentation are systematized, including scope of work preparation, planning, diagrams, contact lists, support lists, as wells as training and quality control. Our ultimate goal is that when we finish installing at multiple locations, you can’t tell one store from the other. High quality, high consistency, everywhere.

81% of service calls resolved remotely without the need to dispatch a technician to the location.*

*Remote-enabled RFID systems