RFID Inventory Control Solutions

When it comes to inventory management, improving efficiency is an ongoing focus shared by organizations in multiple industries. Small, mid-size and massive big box stores regularly evaluate their existing inventory control capabilities while looking for ways to extract as much efficiency as possible from the existing infrastructure while onboarding new technologies that can accelerate performance and help companies hit their growth goals. CONTROLTEK is known throughout the country as the best company offering RFID inventory control solutions for evolving businesses of all sizes. Call us today and discover your ideal solution for inventory management and asset tracking through RFID technology.

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Why use RFID Technology for Inventory Control?

Investing in RFID technology for your inventory control solution has a number of benefits. For starters, an inventory audit can be executed with everything in place while decreasing labor costs and business flow disruptions, and speeding up the overall process.  Another advantage in using RFID for inventory control is that one can improve efficiency due to the simple fact that its wireless technology transmits through walls (though not cinder block or concrete), and RFID technology removes the need for employees to remove products from boxes to verify physical counts–a massive benefit that enables better productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

RFID for inventory control also improves an organization’s ability to file orders, as products can be located in a speedy manner by simply recalling the data in your inventory software system. Reorders can also be automatically triggered while the product physical count drops to reorder levels.Whenever the human factor can be removed from inventory management tasks, accuracy is increased.

RFID technology also helps to increase demand, which in turn drives innovation in technology. With the right RFID software, every product can be serialized and counted by a scanner with a powerful antenna.

RFID for Inventory Control Adds Additional Value for Retailers

In addition to the benefits of using RFID for inventory control as previously mentioned, the technology adds an additional level of security for retailers, as it monitors the movement of merchandise across the facility and issues valuable data about shopper behavior–insights that can minimize shoplifting and increase sales by enhancing product arrangement. In this example, RFID for inventory control is known as a successful means of reducing inventory shrinkage.

What are RFID Tags and How are they Used in Inventory Management?

When using RFID in inventory management, one must have a scanner that utilizes radio waves to communicate information with RFID tags. Inside every RFID tag is a microchip that enables a reader to crawl and write data over to the tag for real-time updating. RFID tags are wrapped in a paper or plastic material for purposes of protection that can be attached to a variety of surfaces for tracking purposes that include metal, wood, glass, plastic and other types of materials. The majority of RFID tags purchased for inventory tracking are passive, meaning they don’t function off of batteries but are powered by reader waves.

Customizable RFID Inventory Management Software

RFID solutions by CONTROLTEK are customizable. Organizations that carry massive product lines will likely benefit from RFID inventory management tagging. It is beneficial to have instantaneous updates when tracking physical inventory. CONTROLTEK makes this easy by offering a number of RFID inventory management solutions to meet the needs of our expansive client base.

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Transitioning to RFID Inventory Control with CONTROLTEK

CONTROLTEK has been helping businesses convert to RFID inventory control tracking. In order to make this transition, businesses must first acquire the RFID scanner, generator, printer, and portal tracking software. Each product must have an RFID label. Usually, the label replaces the barcode.

Both fixed and mobile RFID readers can be installed directly on site. The fixed variety reads product data as the inventory enters the vicinity at specific points in the facility, and mobile RFID readers perform searches for products.

Labeling all of your inventory is quite the undertaking, but once this is completed your business will be better positioned to reduce shrinkage while having a tighter control on inventory. When making the transition to RFID inventory control technology, there isn’t much to teach your employees about logging products because this is done automatically. As with any big change in one’s technical infrastructure and processes, it will take a bit of time for most retail businesses to make the full transition over to RFID for inventory control and management. The number of savvy brands making the switch is growing at a speedy rate, as businesses will see potential cost savings over time while getting a competitive edge that will more than make up for any minor bumps in the onboarding process. However, when investing in RFID inventory control technology with CONTROLTEK, it is with total likeness that your onboarding process will be smooth with no major obstacles.

Call CONTROLTEK for RFID Inventory Control and Management Solutions Designed to Promote Business Growth

In order for your business to hit its growth goals in a time of evolving technology, it is critical to keep up with the latest technology. CONTROLTEK has been ahead of the curve constantly evolving RFID inventory control solutions for growing businesses. Give us a call today and we will pair you with the best possible RFID solution designed to take your business to the next level.

Unlock real-time inventory management, asset tracking and advance reporting with the power of RFID technology, brought to you in partnership with Nordic ID. Our most reliable and user-friendly RFID inventory management solutions and asset tracking devices help track a wide variety of assets for a multitude of industries including: retail, hospitality, logistics, construction, corporate and more!

These easy-to-integrate solutions help you streamline your inventory management, giving you fast, reliable and a 99% accurate overview of your inventory within minutes. And with our innovative Sample Tracking System, retailers can take control and gain full transparency of their sample operations.

Benefits of RFID Inventory Control

  • Real-Time Inventory

  • Total Asset Control

  • Auto Track and Trace

  • Instant Item Location

  • Status at a Glance

  • Flexible and Easy-to-Use

  • Remote Access

  • Powerful Analytics

Handheld Readers

Nordic ID RFID Reader for Inventory Control

Nordic ID HH85

nordic id hh83

Nordic ID HH83

Nordic ID HH53 handheld reader

Nordic ID HH53

TSL 1128 Bluetooth IHF RFID reader

TSL 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

Fixed Readers

Nordic ID AR85 Beam Reader

Nordic ID AR85 Beam reader

Nordic ID Sampo S1 Reader

Nordic ID Sampo S1 Reader

Nordic ID Sampo S2 Reader

Nordic ID Sampo S2 Reader

Nordic ID AR62 4 Port Reader

Nordic ID AR62 4 Port Reader

nordic id port reader

Nordic ID AR82 16 Port Reader

Reader Enhancements

nordic id  exa21

Nordic ID EXA21 915

Nordic ID EXA31 UHF RFID reader for retail and logistics security solutions.

Nordic ID EXA31 915, 2D imager

Nordic ID EXA51e ACD 915, 2D Imager

Nordic ID EXA51e ACD 915, 2D Imager

Nordic ID Stix UHF RFID USB Reader

Nordic ID Stix UHF RFID USB Reader


Nordic ID Sampo S0 Antenna

Nordic ID Sampo S0 Antenna

nordic flat antenna

Nordic ID Flat Antenna FA3030e

nordic id flat antenna

Nordic ID Flat Antenna FA1515e

circular polarised UHF antenna slimline stud mount A5010

Times-7 Circular Polarised UHF Antenna – SlimLine – A5010