In addition to our core product offerings, CONTROLTEK also provides the much-needed but often overlooked security and operational supplies. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact your CONTROLTEK representative and we will be happy to source it for you.

Security Seals

CONTROLTEK offers security seals for multiple retail, logistic, and C-TPAT applications:

From the pharmacy department, to fire exits, to delivery trucks.  Different styles, materials and colors are available.

Security Labels

Used widely by gas stations and ATM machine operators, CONTROLTEK’s tamper-evident security labels have found a number of retail uses:

Enhanced performance, tamper-evident label seal… Shows a unique void message when removed or tampered with. Can be used on ATM cassettes, drawers, file cabinets, electronic equipment such as credit card machines at POS, fuel pumps, and more. Suited for use on most surfaces including metal, glass, wood, plastic and paper. Sequential numbers and barcodes for tracking.

Counterfeit Detection

Reduce the chance of receiving counterfeit currency with one of many detection solutions from CONTROLTEK:

From simple and cost-effective pens to more robust ultraviolet machines designed for high throughput.