Tamper Evident Security Seals and Security Labels for Retail Stores

Retail theft is a serious problem faced by retail chains, superstores and grocery stores throughout the country. The National Retail Federation states that more than 45 billion dollars are lost every year due to inventory shrinkage. Shoplifting, internal theft, organized retail crime and fraud can have devastating effects on a retail store’s profit margins, and can also create a toxic work environment  for employees and leave customers with a negative shopping experience.

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CONTROLTEK offers proactive strategies for identifying, tracking and combating retail crime. While we are known primarily for our core products, tamper evident security seals and security labels are, unfortunately, often overlooked by retail management security and management teams, but they are much-needed. Retailers recognize that CONTROLTEK is the best company offering security seals and security labels for retail stores, and we always evolve our products to keep current with modern technology and national inventory shrinkage data, ensuring we offer our clients the best products and value within the landscape of retail security products.

What Types of Tamper Evident Security Seals are Available to Retailers?

Tamper evident security seals, such as our j-Lok Pull 8’’ Pull-tight Seals are important anti-theft products that come with a built-in tear-off feature requiring no tools or special training for removal, and they have a small strap diameter making them ideal for machines with smaller sealing apertures. These seals are used in a wide variety of retail applications, as well as C-TPAT and logistic circumstances. Our tamper evident security seals come in a variety of colors that include white, yellow, blue, green and red allowing team members to use them for coding and organizational purposes. Furthermore, each one is numbered and has a barcode to meet a wide variety of needs, and they come in a number of styles.

Another popular type of tamper evident security seals designed by CONTROLTEK is the m-Lok Padlock Seal. These seals are numbered tamper evident security seals, in the padlock design, and meet the rigorous standards and approval of the U.S. Customs. Each m-Lok Padlock Seal has durable metal hasps allowing it to withstand any abuse that might occur in transit, and it is water-resistant giving it an extra layer of security. Each of these tamper evident security seals come with the option of barcoding, and they are individually numbered.

When it comes to tamper evident security seals for protecting cash being transported to and from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), CONTROLTEK has designed the ArrowLok ATM Cassette Seals. Our ATM security seals attach very easily and quickly while deterring theft. These ATM security products are ideal for any setting where ATMs are operated. These tamper evident security seals for ATM use work quite simply, yet they are highly effective at preventing theft. The ArrowLok ATM Cassette Seals are a single piece made from heavy duty plastic where the capsule is affixed to a locking anchor by a durable thread. When the capsule is under pressure and the anchor is inserted, one cannot remove it without leaving a clear sign that the device was tampered with.

If you are looking for tamper evident security seals that are extremely durable and adjustable, our all metal construction cable seals are likely your best option. Each seal has a visible number that can’t be missed, along with a noticeable barcode for fast, simple detection. The cable is very easy to use and can be adjusted to fit a broad range of sizes.

These are only a few of the tamper evident security seals designed by CONTROLTEK. We have a number of types to fit any need, and our team of experts are standing by to help you choose the best security seals to meet your needs.

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What are Security Labels?

There are many retail management teams that have yet to hear about security labels. In fact, many wonder how something as seemingly simple as a label can help deter theft. A security label is a type of sticker label that serves the purpose of improving a product’s security when it is applied. Security labels can act as a visual deterrent, and they can be used to trace and track an item’s location. Security labels can also be used to help prevent counterfeiting, and it also serves the purpose of proving that it (and therefore the product) has not been tampered with, as one can easily tell by looking at a security label if someone attempted to remove it.

CONTROLTEK’S tamper evident security labels have a number of retail uses, but they are also used by ATM machine operators and at gas stations. CONTROLTEK takes security labels to the next level; these tamper evident security products reveal a specialized void message when tampered with or removed. The majority of our clients that invest in our tamper evident security labels use them for file cabinets, drawers, ATM cassettes, fuel pumps, electronic equipment (like POS credit card machines), and other uses that span a broad range of industries. These security labels can be used on virtually any surface including, wood, metal, plastic, glass, and paper. Our security labels offer exceptional tracking with sequential barcodes and numbers that aid in making your internal team more efficient with their daily operations.

Security Seals, Security Labels and More

In addition to our core product offerings, CONTROLTEK also provides the much-needed but often overlooked security and operational supplies. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact your CONTROLTEK representative and we will be happy to source it for you.

Security Seals

CONTROLTEK offers security seals for multiple retail, logistic and C-TPAT applications.

Our security seals can be used anywhere, from the pharmacy department, to fire exits, to delivery trucks. We offer a broad range of different styles, materials and colors to meet your specific needs.

Security Labels

Used widely by gas stations and ATM machine operators, CONTROLTEK’s tamper-evident security labels have found a number of retail uses.

Our enhanced performance, tamper-evident label shows a unique void message when removed or tampered with. These labels can be used on ATM cassettes, drawers, file cabinets, electronic equipment (such as credit card machines at POS), fuel pumps and more. Our labels can be used on most surfaces including metal, glass, wood, plastic and paper, and they include sequential numbers and barcodes for tracking.

Counterfeit Detection

Reduce the chance of receiving counterfeit currency with one of many detection solutions from CONTROLTEK.

We provide many different levels of counterfeit detection solutions, from simple and cost-effective pens to more robust ultraviolet machines designed for high throughput.