Manage Emergency Situations Better, Protect Your Assets More Efficiently and Gain New Insight Into Shopper Behavior With VuTeur

VuTeur provides retailers a coordinated communication network for all routine and threat-based situations. VuTeur provides real-time notification on an emergency situation, including who the person(s) involved are and their location so that retailers’ emergency management teams can make the best decisions on how to limit the threat and help save lives.

Track retail shopper traffic and gain insight with real time data

VuTeur captures, analyzes and maintains robust data sets on behalf of retailers. Using VuTeur analytics suite, your organization can gain insights to customer behavior never before available.

  • Heat mapping
  • Mobile reporting & alerting
  • Fully documented historical records
  • Chronological history

Track and protect mobile POS devices in real time

With VuTeur you can identify and track all hardware assets on the IT infrastructure to provide comprehensive inventory visibility.

  • Eliminate equipment loss due to theft
  • Store and review asset information
  • Identify and track location of assets 24 hours a day
  • Receive zone-based alerts
  • Quickly and easily create custom zones
  • Run inventory reports

Generate mass communications to store personnel for emergency preparedness

Administrators and first responders can manage key events together through VuTeur’s timeline of communications to help save lives. This coordinated emergency management communications network helps bring emergency situations to a close faster, with fewer losses.

  • Real-time alerts via SMS, chat or email
  • Direct users to best routes for safety
  • Send “silent” alerts
  • Identify missing or wounded
  • Provide remote access to law enforcement
  • Quickly locate people in buildings

Tack in-store activity after hours for “stay-ins”, robberies or internal theft

Create zones and watchlist, and leverage RTLS monitoring to create a custom layer of security for your facility. When combined with other security systems, such as video surveillance or access control, VuTeur can help you increase security at almost any facility.

  • Facility zones
  • Mobile registration
  • Zone alerts
  • VuTeur can use your existing radio frequency (RF) technologies

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