CONTROLTEK’s state-of-the-art RFID tags, readers and radio frequency identification products are critical for enhancing asset tracking and logistics systems, as well as optimizing supply chain management. As a company that makes RFID products for inventory control, asset tracking and supply chain management, we help to ensure simplified traceability and reduce loss while improving processing speeds and stock management. RFID inventory control products by CONTROLTEK also improve data collection accuracy and speed which increases accuracy while making tracking significantly more cost effective.

How Easy are RFID Inventory Control Products by CONTROLTEK?

Whether you work in retail, logistics, hospitality, the medical industry, construction, corporate or any industry, RFID inventory control products engineered by CONTROLTEK are easy to integrate into your existing solution, the products are easy for employees to use, and they are highly reliable enabling 100% accuracy in an overview of your industry when used correctly. With RFID inventory control products managers in any industry can take full control and have complete transparency at the operational level.

RFID Inventory Control Enables Real-time Management

Having a solution to enable efficient real-time management optimizes a business supply chain and monitors product movement at every step which leads to better efficiency and improving one’s bottom line. CONTROLTEK engineered RFID products that give organizations the ability to analyze data allowing them to schedule raw goods and materials while wiping away stock-out scenarios as well as inventory excess.

CONTROLTEK has engineered top-rated RFID inventory control products that allow organizations to track a supply chain workflow providing valuable data around inventory, asset management, manufacturing equipment, inventory and internal company processes. With the right RFID inventory control products, all generated data can streamline every area of the supply chain through time-saving automation.

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The Benefits in Using RFID Tags for Inventory Management

There are a number of benefits in using RFID tags for inventory management. For example, companies can use RFID tags to enable faster scanning and lowering labor costs. Let’s examine the benefits of RFID tags for inventory management in more detail:

Reduced Labor Costs – According to national studies, labor costs account for as much as 50 to 80 percent of distribution costs. RFID tags can offer a plethora of benefits just in reducing labor costs alone. Counting, inventory check-in and shipment verification can now be done more efficiently and at a faster rate as automatic scanning without the need for multiple employees to process inventory. When you call CONTROLTEK be sure to ask an expert to help you weigh the savings you will rake in against the investment cost of an RFID inventory solution, and you will see that the decision is a no brainer.

Faster Scanning and Improved Visibility – Most distribution centers use a line-of-sight scan system such as one that reads barcodes. This method requires operating under some specifics that can take up time and slow down the process. Using RFID tags for inventory control and management don’t require a line-of-site scan, and as a result the scanning process is extremely fast and more efficient. Workers or automated solutions can scan products at a distance that speeds up the process, and improved visibility can result as products can be read in any orientation with more scanning locations and more frequent updates.

Tracking Returned Products – For companies that have fleets of returnable products such as pallets and containers, there is usually a major investment in capital investment protection. RFID tags for inventory management enable teams to track these products through the overall supply chain loop and offer optimized visibility on inventory locations. This will give companies and their customers great value in improving product returns, while helping companies protect their bottom line with theft protection or inventory neglect.

CONTROLTEK has spent years in developing and optimizing RFID tags for inventory control and management, and other RFID inventory technology that offers organizations in multiple industries a number of benefits. Give us a call today and learn about the right RFID solutions for your business.

How do RFID Solutions Work in a Warehouse Environment?

The way RFID tags are powered during operation in a passive and active system defines the main difference. However, in a basic warehouse workflow the same applies to both configurations. Prior to shipments being transported to warehouses, the RFID tags (or chips) will be in place, attached to each individual product or to the entire pallet. The RFID tags store critical information about each product, pallet, and container that comes into the warehouse.

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When shipments arrive at the warehouse the RFID tags transmit their individual information to RFID readers installed in designated areas of the warehouse. RFID readers are placed in strategic locations in the storage and receiving areas to get the best possible signals. Then the data is transmitted using radio frequency technology via electromagnetic waves from the readers to the central warehouse management system. Moving on, information can be adjusted and relayed back to the RFID tags for recall at a later time. RFID solutions for warehouses gives employees the ability to execute tasks such as advanced inventory transactions and real-time asset counts.

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